BJP Takes Down Andhra Start-Up’s Code For Their Site After Plagiarism Row Essay

Another speculation around the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged within the last few months. The political party was accused of copying one of the templates from a website, which was under control of an Andhra Pradesh based web design and development company. BJP used to design for their own website, which eventually was taken down for more than two weeks. The party was seriously accused of stealing the design without informing the Andhra Pradesh based start-up. Find out everything about plagiarism row and how it impacts one’s image.

BJP Copied W3LayoutsThe start-up under the name of W3Layouts accused the party of copying their template. However, the political party deliberately took down the backlink, which provided the company with the required credits. A day after the incident, the party claimed that the application was free to use. Moreover, the party said, “Their code was dropped after they insisted on a backlink, as it is not something we do in the normal course.

”Later, the party dropped their template as it didn’t find favor. It worked on an alternate solution after being accused of copying their template. Moreover, BJP was accused of removing the code wherever the name of the start-up was mentioned. W3Layout’s ResponseIn response to BJP’s actions, the start-up posted a blog on their site, which had a detailed explanation of the allegation and how things unfolded. The start-up claimed that they were happy about BJP’s IT cell using their template and code. However, they expressed their concerns when they found out that the work was used after the backlink was removed. Moreover, the political party didn’t pay or give any sort of credit to W3Layouts, and the start-up was extremely disappointed with it.The start-up had also put up a picture of the source code where it was clear that BJP used the code of W3Layouts. The company then took it on Twitter to inform BJP about their license terms about design. It also went ahead to claim that they would have happily given the code to the party if they had asked for it. Instead, BJP ended up spoiling a good webpage by removing their code, W3Layouts tweeted. Later, the political party entirely changed the code. However, they still denied copying it from W3Layouts. These actions led to a huge plagiarism row, and BJP became a subject of a great deal of memes on the internet. It was under criticism due to stealing a template and denying the facts. Even though BJP is yet to respond to the allegation of stealing the website template and their site being hacked on March 5, 2019, the start-up has surely made the public aware of the party’s doing. They even made a blog post, which gave details on how the political party copied their work without giving any sort of credits.Plagiarism issue affects the individual’s/organization’s imageThere are plenty of real-life examples that show how plagiarism impacts the growth and image of the individual/organization that has copied a certain piece of text or information from other sources. Thus, one must always maintain originality in the work he/she does.Due to the technological advancements, there are plenty of resources available to check the uniqueness of a particular text. The use of plagiarism checkers is advised to be utilized in different areas. These checkers can be used to: Ensure the uniqueness of the work. Protect the image of the individual or firm. Ensure a higher performance level. Promote healthier, honest environment, etc.Need for plagiarism checkers for studentsStudents account for a significant part of the population that works with writing essays, completing assignments, working on research papers, and much more! At this stage, the learners should be encouraged to have healthy habits to ensure that they are not copying their work from other sources. It is important that they research properly and utilize the reference sources to deliver quality work to their mentors.Using a good plagiarism checker with percentage is a perfect medium to check for the uniqueness of the work and ensure good quality content. The percentage mark actually shows how unique the content is and what part of it was taken from other sources. Thus, this helps people understand their mistakes better and hence, work on them. This way, students get to perform better and achieve better grades by delivering unique work to their mentors. Moreover, in case their research or essay is to be published online, the search engines would attract a better audience due to the uniqueness of the content.All in all, the example of BJP’s actions depicts how plagiarism issue can hamper the reputation and image of any individual or business. Hence, the practice of delivering or displaying only unique work should be practiced by everyone, at all stages of their education or/and career. Undoubtedly, referring to multiple resources for help and reference is a good idea. Thus, the use of quality plagiarism checkers must be encouraged starting from school and college level itself. This would ensure that the students grow up to become the citizens with the same values.

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