Birth control Persuasive Paper Essay

While in high school classes all day, teachers talk about the same math, science, and numerous other subjects, but they always seem to either through sex education or not talk about it at all. Sex education should be taken a step further in high school today. Many teenagers are no aware nor are they educated about sex. Sex education should be a part of more high school curriculum. While in high school sex education is not really a big topic, many teens are affected negatively by the lack of knowledge.

According to Roland Martin of CNN, “Whether its safe sex practice or even abstinence, all of these issues must be dealt with in an educational setting, because when you look at the pregnancy rate, sexual transmitted diseases, including HIV/ AIDS, it only makes sense to have as much education as possible.” This quote explains that with the high rates or pregnancy, STD’s including HIV/ AIDS there should not be a reason why teenagers in high school are not educated about this topic in a proper environment and well aware of what can happen if you do not take good precaution with sex.

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Birth control Persuasive Paper Essay
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Sex education in high school in needed because as teenagers we become more exposed to sex through thing such as music videos. If high school students are going to take it to the next level as teenagers, should know things like ; how to use a condom and how to use different types of contraception such as birth control. Preventing sexually transmitted diseases is also another reason why there can be serious consequences if not protected but knowing there is ways to prevent these consequences as well. Pregnancy is also another reason why high school teenage students should be more educated about sex, they should be educated about abortion or if high school teenage girls do get pregnant how having a baby could affect there life. Sex education was hardly spoken about in high school. Many girls were pregnant in high school and sometime that led to them dropping out of school. My best friend was 18 years old in her junior year of high school when she became pregnant with her first child.. being around her, I saw first hand how hard it was being pregnant and keeping up with school at the same time, it was not easy.

She also had a hard time due to the fact she had a complicated pregnancy, this led her to dropping out of high school as well. Now with two children at the age of 19, she still has not completed high school and is struggling to take care of her children. My best friend is a prime example of why there should be better sex education in high schools and why its such an important topic. High school students are at the age now where the should know about sex, know how to put on a condom and sexually transmitted diseases. It is wrong for teenagers in high school to not be educated about sex. The more curious teenagers in high school get, the more they should be educated and prepared for sex.

Also. High school students are becoming young adults and have responsibilities. There should be no reason why students are not well educated about sex. So as the school’s responsibility it should be highly clear and well taught to student about sex and the precautions they should take when engaging in the activity. Sex education should be taught in high school. Young adults in high school, they should know about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and also how to use contraception such as condoms and birth control. Over all high school students should not be uneducated about sex, it is a very important topic that needs to be discussed. With the high rates of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases there should be any reason why teenagers in high school should not be taught about sex education.

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