Bipedalism Essay

Bipedalism is the act of movement that uses only two feet or legs to walk, climb, run or hop. Bipedalism is one of the distinct characteristic of hominins as compared to apes or any non human primates. One of the reasons of this transformation is the fact that it reduces energy cost. Walking with only two feet conserves much energy. Bipedalism would present an adaptive advantage especially in times of food scarcity and less food distribution.

Bipedal movement allows hominins to act in a much easier and in a lesser time.

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Bipedalism Essay
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Bipedalism provides significance to humans or hominins. Bipeds acquired improvement in reproduction contrasted to the four-legged species. Bipeds were able to carry food with hands to supply to their females and offspring. When feeding, bipeds stand upright or with both legs. Models and hypothesis were developed to show and discuss how bipedalism had evolved with significances and advantages.

One of this is the Hunt’s postural feeding hypothesis that emphasizes the postures or ways of food gathering and manipulation of hominins.

This hypothesis is considered as an ecological model. Bipedalism in apes or chimpanzee can only be seen during feeding. Lovejoy presented another model relating with behavior. The model focused on the social and sexual behavioral means; bipeds could be able to manage survivorship and establish good birth rate. Wheeler’s thermoregulatory model proposes is another model on bipedalism.

Temperatures where being regulated when bipedalism evolved; upright walk could allow much amount of wind to flow to the surfaces of the body and also lessen heat exposure than quadrupeds. Of all the hypothesis or models being discussed for bipedalism, I preferred much Lovejoy’s behavioral model. It was because I think the most complex idea of walking upright or bipedalism is to enhance survivorship and reproduction in hominins. Bipeds will find much easier ways to survive and reproduce with the help of the transformation from quadrupedalism to bipedalism.

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