Biography research paper on James Madison and James Monroe

Discuss the details of the lives, contributions and significance of two U.S. figures (James
Madison and James Monroe). Since it’s a Biography paper, you are researching the story about
2 people’s lives and comparing/contrasting them.
Historical era: Early to mid 1800’s (1800-1850’s)
Theme: Political/economic, which may also include issues related to legal development and

– Citations within the body of the paper should be included according to the MLA format.
– 6 full pages in length (not including Works Cited page)
– Times New Roman 12 font
– Double spaced
– Margins no larger than 1″
– Write your paper and cite your sources according to the MLA format.

The bulk of your paper should focus on an analysis of your two chosen historical figures. You
should not devote a large percentage of your paper to providing background historical context.
For example, if you choose two figures from the 1780’s, you should not provide an extensive
general history of that era. While that would be appropriate for a longer research paper, that is
not the purpose of this assignment.
You must use at least 3 book sources.
The books should focus on the individuals that you have chosen for your paper.
After you have chosen 3 books, you can additionally incorporate journal articles.
Articles from newspaper organizations, articles which scholars/professors or archivists have
written are acceptable as additional sources.
You may not use random websites. Wikipedia and similar sites are not an appropriate source to
use for this paper. They won’t be counted as a source. The textbook (AMERICA Past and
Present, Divine 10th Edition) does not count as source.

I also need an outline for this paper.
Outline sample
This is an example of a rough draft of an outline.
A. Intro and background of art during and post the great depression

B. Walt Disney

1. His upbringing

2. Circumstances that led to his initial success during the great depression

3. His experimentation and influence on his art and industry

C. Changing and challenging the concepts architecture and design

D. Frank Gehry

1. His upbringing

2. His influence and experimentation on architecture in the 1960s

E. What these two have in common

1. Leaders and visionaries in their fields

2. Always challenging what was possible

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