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Topic: Monoclonal Antibodies: Inflectra (Remicade)

Details of the antibody: what is the mechanism of action of this antibody.

Commercialization: who is commercializing this antibody? What stage of development is the antibody at? Are any other companies also developing the same antibody? Is there any IP associated with the commercialization?

Manufacturing process: how is the antibody produced? Is it fully humanized? What kind of yield is required every year? Are there any features which make this antibody difficult to produce in bulk?

Market details: how big is the market for this mAb? Are there multiple markets?

Regulatory details: what kind of regulatory approval is required for this mAb product?Other applications: are there any other applications for this antibody?

Analysis: what do you think the long-term future of the antibody is? Does it have any other potential applications / indications?

2 pages, APA format, references include

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