Big Cities or Small Towns Essay

People try to live in cities because all necessary objects are situated nearly. In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinemas, big shops and hospitals, comfortable modern flats. In big cities you can find all kinds of entertainment. Many people like to spend their free time there because it helps them to relax and bring them a lot of pleasure. It is really comfortable that everything you need is situated near you.

One of the most important comforts of big cites is that you can quickly get everywhere by underground, bus, trolleybus.

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Big Cities or Small Towns Essay
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Also in big cities there is electricity so you can use electrical devices such as TV sets, computers, microwave oven and so on. One more thing, without our life is impossible is the telephone and Internet. The communication plays a big role in our life and we got used to it. Without it we feel uncomfortable and lonely.

Yes, it is really comfortable, but nowadays in big cities there are a many cars and factories.

Big cites suffer of polluted air. The streets became noisy. What about living in the small city. First of all, you are closer to nature and can enjoy more peace and quiet life. Life in the small city is slower and people are more open and friendly. The advantage is that there is less traffic, and it is safer place for children. There are several disadvantages of living in a small town.

First of all, there are less job opportunities for people in small towns. Many people in small towns move to large cities and look for jobs. There are not many places such as restaurants and museums, there are only a few shops and markets in small towns. So, people don’t have wide choice when they want to buy new things. Also it is hard to keep your personal life private in small towns. Everyone wants to know about you and your family.

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