Biblical Worldview Essay

My professional career is a very fulfilling one in which it is imperative that I present myself in a clear and concise image of God. Without being strong in my Christian faith this would not be a possibility. I work for Milton Hershey School which is a no-cost private school for children that come from poverty. On a daily basis I have the responsibilities of protecting two thousand underprivileged children assuring their safety. Living in an image of God allows me to protect the many children that come from poverty, as well as to interact in a professional manner with visitors to the campus.

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Biblical Worldview Essay
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Example #1

As previously stated I work for a private school that provides housing and education for children that come from poverty. Leviticus 25:35 says, “If any of your fellow Israelites become poor and are unable to support themselves among you, help them as you would a foreigner and stranger, so they can continue to live among you.

” (NIV). While this verse specifically refers to Israelites, I believe this applies to our everyday lives and is the attitude I express every day. By interacting and supporting these children on a daily basis I feel as though I am playing positive role in their lives. Not only by the school providing them with the opportunity, but by approaching interactions with them in an image of God teaches them a lesson that will give them tools to live a productive life. Proverbs 22:6 further supports this notion, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (NIV). Showing respect and manners when interacting with children can provide them with invaluable tools as they progress through their lives. It would be irresponsible to interact with these children any other way. By conversing with them in a way that sets a positive example I feel as though I am lifting their spirits in fellowship.

Example #2

Along with providing security services for the children at the school, we interact with visitors on a daily basis. Being that this is a customer service duty, providing quick and efficient service in a professional manner is a key factor. Being pleasant, respectful, and efficient is a fantastic way to present myself in an image of God. Because of this I would only treat someone in a way giving them my undivided attention and utmost respect. Something that I have always learned from is the idea to treat others just as I expect to be treated. Luke 6:31enforces this,” Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (NIV). In no way would I ever consciously treat someone with disrespect. This actually ties in with the first point of setting a positive example. Not only do you want to treat others as you expect to be treated, but you should treat others as if everyone is watching. Human beings, children especially, can be very observant to people’s actions and tendencies. In Proverbs 21:21 we learn, “Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity, and honor.” (NIV). Quite simply, I won’t disrespect anyone and will always provide a positive example in my words and actions.


“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27, NIV). Ultimately each and every one of us is created to represent God in a way that would only be seen in a positive light. On a daily basis I strive to serve God and to do so in a way that shines the brightest of lights on Him. Whether it is interacting with visitors or students, I treat them all just as I would expect God to treat them. I also take a very personal interest in this school that I work at because I also graduated from this school. Giving back to the school that gave so much to me allows me to further represent the image of God.

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