Beware of the dog Essay

Beware of the Dog: The story is about a pilot during the second world war, the story took place in the area which consists of Britain, France and Germany. The story began while the pilot had a severe injury in his leg which is caused by him getting shot during his flight. He lost the down part of his leg, right down his thigh. In the beginning the pilot was in his cockpit trying to imagine how he will make fun of his injury like it is nothing and it doesn’t bother him at all and how he will make fun from it with his comrades and wife.

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Beware of the dog Essay
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A few moments later he realized that wasn’t the real case and the pain was so much until a degree he thought that he was going to pass out; so he decided to bail out before that happens. But regardless what he did, he lost consciousness before he landed. And when he regained his consciousness he found himself in a hospital where there was an army doctor and a nurse who took care of him for few days, the nurse told him he is in Brighton.

But while he was laying in his bed he listened to a noise and he could recognize it from the sound of the engines as a German airplanes.

And so he asked the nurse about it but she told him he might be mistaken. Later next evening he heard a noise again and it worried him greatly. After that he wanted to check where he really is. He endured his pain and crawled to reach the window and looked outside when he saw a sign where there was something written on it with white paint. He managed at last to read the letters “Garde au chien” then he looked around and saw the small orchard on the left of a cottage, and just at that moment he realized he is in France.

There was just sentence running through his head, a sentence which the intelligent officer of his squadron always repeated to the pilots “And if they get you, don’t forget, just your name, rank and number. Nothing else. For God’s sake, say nothing else”. Later that morning an ordinary R A F officer from the Air Ministry came and told the pilot that he need to answer a few questions to fill the combat report. The pilot in the bed just said “My name is Peter Williamson. My rank is Squadron Leader and my number is 972457”. Mohanad Zeitoun, gruppe: 120 th

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