Betray to be or not to be Essay

Now, Hamlet, hear. ‘Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard, A serpent stung me. So the whole ear of Denmark Is by a forg©d process of my death Rankly abused. But know, thou noble youth, The serpent that did sting thy father’s life In this scene the ghost is telling hamlet that who his murder. In the next quote is going to show you how hamlet’s father murder, murdered him. (1. . 55,60,65,70). Sleeping within my orchard, My custom always of the afternoon, Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole With Juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, And in the porches of my ears did pour The leperous distilment, whose effect Holds such an enmity with blood of man That swift as quicksilver it courses through The natural gates and alleys of the body…….

, The thin and wholesome blood. Thus was I, sleeping, by a brother’s hand Of life, of crown, of queen at once dispatched, Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin.

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Betray to be or not to be Essay
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Indeed this is a very tragic death and unselfish murder, Hamlet uncle Claudius will reed what he sow soon to be. Hamlet went mad after that to find out that his uncle killed his father. The ghost told hamlet to not to find vengeance for his mother cause e said “guilt with eat her up that’s the most vengeance that will kill her”. With the king dead Claudius want to send hamlet away cause he knows to much and wants him killed too. while hamlet was talking to his mother in her room Polonius was listening behind the tapestry (Ophelia’s father).

Hamlet takes a foil and kills him by accident thinking it was the king. (3. 4). Afterthat Ophelia hears that’s her father dead she goes crazy. this happens the kings heads hot cause that could had been him behind the tapestry. They find Hamlet as a threat so they send Hamlet to England to be killed. the tables has been (Ophelia). Then laetes Ophelia older brother comes and seeks revenge for the person who killed his father Polonius. So Hamlet and Laetes were suppose to have a clean friendly fght when the fight turns violate when the foil laetes is holding is poisoned.

The foil laetes is hold slices hamlet. (5. 2. 310,315). It is here, Hamlet. Hamlet, thou art slain. No medicine in the world can do thee good. In thee there is not half an hour of life. The treacherous instrument is in thy hand, Unbated and envenomed. The foul practice Hath turned itself on me. Lo, here I lie, Never to rise again. Thy mother’s poisoned. I can no more. The king, the kings to blame. Hamlet mother is poisoned by the drink and hamlet and laetes are too. So Hamlet goes and searches for the king and kills him and makes him drink out the cup that poisoned his mother.

So rapidly the tables turns on Claudius. The cruel novel of “Macbeth”. Macbeth kills the king and to know that’s the king (Duncan) is very fond by Macbeth. Lady Macbeth pressures Macbeth to kill him after dinner while he is sleep and drunk. Macbeth been contemplating if she should kill the king or not, but his wife telling him that he is a coward if he doesn’t kill him. in this scene Macbeth goes into the kings room where he is sleeping (2. . 40. 45. 50. 55) You’re leading me toward the place I was going already, and I was planning to use a weapon Just like you.

My eyesight must either be the one sense that’s not working, or else it’s the only one that’s working right. I can still see you, and I see blood splotches on your blade and handle that weren’t there before….. appropriate for what I’m about to do. While I stay here talking, Duncan lives. the king is dead and Macbeth is going insane with guilty eating him away. Macbeth wants to kill banquo so he gets three murders and kill him cause Macbeth is Jealous and greedy. (3. 1. 120. 125). So is he mine; and in such bloody distance That every minute of his being thrusts Against my near’st of life.

And though I could With barefaced power sweep him from my sight And bid my will avouch it, yet I must not, For certain friends that are both his and mine, Whose loves I may not drop, but wail his fall Who I myself struck down. And thence it is, That I to your assistance do make love, Masking the business from the common eye For sundry weighty reasons. seeing the ghost of banquo has Macbeth going crazy speaking to himself. (3. 4. 75) in this scene is talking to the ghost of Banquo. Prithee, see there! Behold! Look! Lo! How say you? Why, what care l? If thou canst nod, speak too.

If charnel houses and our graves must send Those that we bury back, our monuments Shall be the maws of kites. the dagger and then ghost of banquo. In William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, acts of treachery and betrayal have great dramatic significance. They greatly contribute to the theme that appearance does not always portray reality, and reality is not what one sees but more often what one does not see. The acts of treachery and betrayal in Othello help to develop this theme through character development. how Iago deceives Othello by being his friend and nemy at the same time.

Othello betraying his wife’s love and trust. Emilia (lagds wife) betraying her very own husband for Justice. Finally lagds betrayal of Roderigo, using him and his money for his evil plans, and then killing him. Through ought all of these acts of treachery and violence and betrayal a common theme seems to be developed, mostly through the development of characters. Iagds character is a prime example of how acts of treachery and betrayal can alter people. Iago starts of by wanting to ruin Othello’s reputation as a great and wise general, as Iago says in (1. 1. 44) I follow him to serve my turn upon him.

Iago tells this to Roderigo, showing that he intends to betray Othello, by pretending to be his friend and then corrupting and betraying him. As the play progresses, lagds intentions are less driven by reason, and more driven by revenge, and blind lustful impulses,(5. 3. 246). Othello shall fall between us… Iago says this to Roderigo, when he says it is evident that at this point Iagds character has undergone deep change. For not only does he want to ruin Othello’s reputation, but now he wants to obliterate, destroy, and crush Othello’s reputation, but he also wants to obliterate, destroy, and crush Othello’s entire life.

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