Bermuda triangle Essay

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s triangle is said to be one of the most dangerous and mysterious areas of the ocean known to man. It has been held responsible for the disappearances of over 2000 vessels, 75 airplanes and many innocent lives in the past 3 centuries. But the question is how? What really happened in this deadly body of water? There are many theories about what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle. From human error, to the lost city of Atlantis all the way to paranormal activity and Extra Terrestrials.

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Bermuda triangle Essay
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Today I will be talking to you about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is located between three main points in the Atlantic Ocean, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami, Florida and the Island of Bermuda. The triangle is formed by connecting an imaginary line between these three points with an area of the about 500,000 to 1,000,000 square miles. Flight 19 is said to be one of the first known flights to go down in the Bermuda triangle.

The aircraft was filled with US naw avenger bombers on a training mission.

When the plane went down, it was said that the flight leader was heard saying “We are entering white water, nothing seems to be right. We don’t know where we are, the water is reen, no white. ” This raised suspicion about what’s really going on in the so called Devils Triangle. It is very possible that the plane had Just run into some bad weather, but some believe weather is not the cause of these vanishing planes. I’m not saying I have come up with the answer to what is going on in the Bermuda triangle, but here are some reasonable answers I have come across; 1.

Bad weather. The part of the Atlantic in which the Triangle is located is very close to the Caribbean Sea which tends to get many tropical storms. This could be the cause to all of these strange disappearances. Intense storms may be causing ships to sink or planes to crash. But bad weather is only one of the many theories people have come up with. 2. Human error and amateur sailors. The coast guards are said to get over 8000 distress calls a year, that’s more than 20 a day! But most of the time, the issue is minor, running into a rough patch of water or a shortage of gas. . Traffic. There are many planes and boats that go through the Bermuda triangle every day. Because it’s so busy, vessels and planes could be crashing into each other and falling into the ocean below. 4. Underwater earthquakes. In shallow water, underwater earthquakes can cause sunamis in the far east of the triangle. (and) 5. The gas bubble theory. Scientists say that a high concentration of gas hydrates have been found in the Bermuda area which causes the water to become less dense in small patches.

This could cause ships to sink quickly without and trace. Believe it or not,some think the tragedies are caused by the lost city of Atlantis. Some even say that government is behind it. The government supposedly runs an underwater base called A. U. T. E. C. It stands for Atlantic Undersea test and evaluation center. It is located in the middle of the triangle where the naw tests new ubmarines, weapons and sonar. Some people think the government has been working with extraterrestrials and that A.

U. T. E. C. is actually used for testing reverse engineered alien technology. Some also say the mythical lost city of Atlantis is causing these mysterious disappearances because ot a stone trail called Bimini road. It’s supposedly part of the lost city and possesses advanced technology that is interfering with radio signals in vessels and aircrafts. These theories are more farfetched than earthquakes and amateurs but some think this could be the reason to the mysteries in the triangle.

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