Benefits of Studying Psychology Essay

Question / Topic: Some critics argue that there is no such thing as a psychologically whole person because everyone is fundamentally flawed. Hence, there should not be a need for learning Psychology in this world. What is your response to this? Introduction: What is psychology? The word ‘psyche’ means breath,spirit,soul and logia means study of. It is a scientific study of behavior and mental process. Psychology is all around us like the way people behave, talk and do things. It is an interesting field to learn and it helps in crafting us into a whole person.

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Benefits of Studying Psychology Essay
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Thus, the communication skill with them is increased also. •A good example for this will be in the education field, where a teacher who needs to deal with children will benefit by learning how to engage in an interesting way of teaching to attract the attention of his/her students. Concluding Sentence: Therefore, we see clearly that a better understanding of human mind and thought process helps to add quality and depth to our relationships with people around us.

Topic sentence : Apart from that, learning psychology creates stronger conflict and problem solving capability in a person. Most people tend to lose their mind and become nervous, emotional and unable to decide when a problem arises. This can be avoided by a person who learns psychology. •When a problem comes up, a person who has learned psychology can take time to evaluate the situation, evaluating every option available and not to rush thru decision. In other words, he can be logical and not emotionally driven to make a decision. •Addition to that, psychology also teaches people to help empathize others and use the knowledge they have to bring harmony among others.

Concluding Sentence: In a nutshell, psychology assists in solving problems and handling conflicts. Conclusion : These are the benefits of learning psychology. It is true that there is no one who is born into this world as a psychologically whole person, but a person can be cultivated into one. Learning psychology plays a major part in this. That is why it is also said as ‘the science of soul’. Understanding of human behavior and use of knowledge learned from psychology helps a person in many ways in their daily life. Thus, the need to learn psychology is indeed very important.

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