Benefits of Net Neutrality

There are two questions that need to be answered in the Week 8 Discussion.  MUST have in-text citations and only needs to be able 1/2-1 page per question. The deadline for this assignment is midnight (EST) tomorrow.

1.  Locate a recent (within six months) article on Net Neutrality. Summarize the article in a few short paragraphs and then discuss your personal view as it relates to the article. Post a link to the article as well. 

2.  IoT—if you have an IoT device in your home, in your car, or a wearable that you are familiar with, describe how you use this device, what companion app(s) are required, and do you find it beneficial or not (why or why not)?  If you don’t have an IoT device, do some research and select an appliance/device/product that utilizes IoT.  Highlight the product, detail how it works in terms of IoT, and describe how you would use this product.

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