Being a teen to being a toddler Essay

When Apple announced it’s new OS back in March, many people were very excited at a change to the old IOS 6. As beta testing for the OS began and bugs began to intoxicate the new OS many consumers were left wondering if the need to switch at the final release was the best move and if so, what were the advantages or changes to the new OS. IOS 7 has changed many of the features of IOS 6, but many of the core elements of IOS 6 are ever-present.

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Being a teen to being a toddler Essay
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The First and most noticeable difference in IOS 7 is its new color scheme and lock screen. IOS 6 had a round design and color scheme that was reminiscent of factory ears, and its lock screen was a simple picture with a slider at the bottom. But in the new OS, the color scheme is neon and bright colors, flat design in the sense that none of the home screen apps seem 3d, but also the lock screen is a full screen picture with the date, time, and also a slide to unlock slider.

Those few improvements to the overall OS were nice, but the slide to unlock from the original OS 6 was still there and so were the large digital clock at the top. Another difference is the addition of Control Center. Control Center is a slider at he bottom of the screen that you slide up to use specific features of IOS 7, that in the older OS 6 you would have had to go to the settings menu. The features of Control Center include a slider for brightness, Wi-Fi control, Bluetooth control, and also one of IOS 7’s new features, Airdrop.

Once again, the new features are great, even though many of the uses of them were in IOS 6. All in all IOS 7 is a step forward in features and still stays true to its predecessor. The new color scheme and lock screen got a complete overhaul, while keeping the same features and core elements of OS 6. Also the addition of Control Center now uses the toggles that could have been found in the settings menu of 10s 6. So once again, apple has made a step up in its Operating System while still staying true to its predeceasing one. eing a teen to being a toddler By subashini22 Being a teen to being a toddler When we mention teen the person who comes to our mind is “Justin Bieber” but when we mention toddler we recall back our memory of being in toddler. There are three differences of being a teen to being a toddler such as teen tends to face busy and hectic life, phase of learning and gaining experience and independent from arents. Firstly, being a teen is most hectic and enjoyable phase of one’s life but when being a teen is most peaceful and happiest phase of one’s life.

For example, when being a teen we are so much things to be worried about especially regarding studies when exam is Just around the corner but toddler also face some challenges in their life as they learn how to crawl ,walk and finally run . Teens always have the enthusiasm to gain new experience in life sometimes by neglecting of surrounding peers Just for the sake of fulfilling own enthusiasm but it is totally ontrast for toddler because they tend to learn good things and scientific studies shows when being a toddler ,they can absorb as much as knowledge as they could.

Secondly, teen tends to face gaining experience and gets lacks of attention from parents but toddler usually be an attention and gets all the basic needs of life in a very early age. For example, teen usually are busy with their own life and always surrounded by friends but toddler will be an attention as when they start walking they may fall down several times so parents usually will be very careful and monitor hem each and every second.

Teen will be busy preparing for their exams as they have peer pressures surrounding them that forcing them to be best among the best but toddler enjoys their life without any worries as parents are there always to protect them all the time. Thirdly, teens are usually less dependent on their parents but more dependent on their friends as it is in contrast with toddler. For example, teens need their friends for their daily activities such as for doing study group but toddler only need their parents to be always with them to be a good role odel for them as kids tend to learn everything as fast as lightning.

Eventhough teens always prefer to mingle with their friends but they also need some attention from their parents to make sure they are on their right path. In conclusion, there are three differences of being a teen to being a toddler such as teen tends to face busy and hectic life, phase of learning and gaining experience and independent from parents. .Although every person may have regarding which phase of life is the best, but we are born to succeed enjoy each and every moment of life and use it wisely as’ life is a circle’.

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