Behavior Therapy Essay

Hence due to the diversity of views and strategies, is more accurate to think of behavioral therapies rather than a unified approach. Population Served: The approach has wide applicability to a range of clients design specific behavioral changes. If you problem areas for which behavior therapy appears to be effective are phobic disorders, social affairs, depression, anxiety disorders, sexual disorders, substance abuse, eating disorder, trauma, hypertension, children’s disorder, and many more.

Goals of Counseling The hallmark of behavioral therapy is identification of specific goals of the outset of the therapeutic process.

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Behavior Therapy Essay
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The general goals are to increase personal choice and to create new conditions are learning. And aim is to eliminate maladaptive behaviors nd learn more effective behavioral patterns. Pacific achievement goals should be concrete, measurable, and objective term. Techniques and Approaches Behavioral treatment interventions are individually tailored to specific problem experienced by different clients.

Any technique that can be demonstrated to change behavior may be incorporated in achievement plan.

Techniques such as role-playing, behavioral arsenal, coaching, guided practice, and homework assignments can be included in the therapist repertoire. Considerations (include strengths and weaknesses) Some of the strengths of behavioral therapy is that it is a short-term approach that as wide applicability. It emphasizes research into the assessment of techniques used, thus providing accountability.

Behavioral approaches are in line with the movement towards evidence-based practice and manualized treatments, which fit well with managed care mental health programs. The concepts and procedures are easily grasped. Some ot the limitations ot behavioral therapy is that the success ot the approach is in proportion to the ability to control environmental variables. In institutional settings such as schools and mental hospitals the danger exists Imposing conforming behavior. Therapist to manipulate clients toward and they have not chosen.

A basic criticism leveled at this approach is that it is not adjust broader human problems, such as meaning, the search for values, and identify issues, but focuses instead on very specific and narrow behavioral problems.

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