Becoming an Actor Essay

There are many people who dream of being an actor/actress and hope to make it into Hollywood someday. While acting may seem easy, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It isn’t until you are on stage in front of a large crowd that you may realize how tough it really is. Most successful actors have a passion for acting (it’s what they love to do and want to do) so this is one of the key factors in becoming an actor.

You must want to act and show that you are in it to win it. A good actor/actress must willing to devote all their time and energy into acting – whether it’s for a stage lay or an upcoming movie.

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Becoming an Actor Essay
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Being an actor is similar to working a fulltime Job so you must dependable and hardworking (even if requires you working hours at a time) to get ahead. To become an actor, you must be alert and prompt by showing the director you are reliable and can handle whatever is handed to them.

This mean memorizing your lines and show up earlier to auditions and willing to give 110% of you effort. An actor must be comfortable in their own skin. You must be confident in who are and focus on what it’s you want (your goals). The mindset of an actor should e “I’m the star and the world is my audience”.

If an actor believes this, they will be willing to take risk/opportunity. One characteristic of an actor must possess is public speaking. It is common that people fear talking in front of people, whether it’s a small or large group, but the only way to solving this issue is facing fear itself head on. There are classes for this or you can possible try talking others in large crowds when necessary. As time goes on and taking on more acting opportunities, the actor will be able to conquer their fear and be able to perform in an a more effective and powerful way.

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