Beauty Salon Essay

The name of the salon is “Exquisite Beauty Salon”. The theme is unique and chic. Exquisite is characterized as an intricate and beautiful design and that is what Exquisite salon is, a complex and a beautiful design in providing a good quality services in the field of cosmetology. Our Mission: Building your character through your hair by establishing the strong foundation of your persona so that others may see the beauty of the real you. Our Vision: HAIR ARCHITECTURE – Hair cutting is a visual art; it should manifest your personality and must therefore be individualized.

Location: 8039 Hondradez St. Barangay Olympia Makati City

Exquisite Beauty Salon is located in this area because it is more accessible and safe since it is located inside the subdivision. Putting up a beauty salon inside a subdivision has a lot of advantages; one advantage is that the salon is free from competitors since most of the beauty salon in the area is located outside the subdivision.

The second advantage of the salon is that many people will not hesitate to come in this salon since it is near to their houses and lastly opening a salon inside a subdivision is one way of avoiding criminals since the subdivision has a security guard. Industry: Service Industry

Service industries (More formally termed: ‘tertiary sector of industry’ by economists) involve the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers. Service Industry is one where no goods are produced whereas primary industries are those that extract minerals, oil etc. from the ground and secondary industries are those that manufacture products, including builders, but not remodeling contractors. An industry made up of companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services. Service industry companies are involved in retail, transport, distribution, food services, as well as other service-dominated businesses. Exquisite Beauty Salon is under the service industry or the cosmetology industry because it provides services which the people needs. For example, a human being needs to have a hair cut for him/her to look good.

Different Positions and Duties of the Employees:

* Salon Manager – A salon manager ensures the success of the business by providing top-notch customer relations, supreme and innovative services and by hiring stylists who can meet the expectations of a diverse clientele. He/She is also responsible for distributing the exact salary of the employee. * Front Desk/Reception – Their primary responsibility is to greet incoming visitors and callers. * Artistic Director – He/She is the one who is in charge of the overall image of the hair and style that the salon creates, is the lead in designing collections (new hairstyles) twice a year for spring and fall. He/She should be very creative, be fashion current and forward, and be the inspiration for the entire stylist below his/her organization. He/She have to be the overall creative force for the salon.

* Designer stylist -consults with their customers about the kind of hairstyle they’d like. They attempt to create an attractive style that compliments, and in some cases, transforms, their clients’ appearance. They may also provide advice on make-up application and scalp treatments. * Senior stylist – is someone who has been in the industry for several years may be ready to look into a senior stylist position. Typically those in the beauty business who move to this position have been working as a hair stylist for at least five years and continue going to seminars and workshops to stay abreast of industry changes so that they are ready to make the leap when a position becomes available. * Hairstylists – are vital to customers because of their training, skill, innovation and expertise in creating or maintaining a hairstyle. He/She is responsible for all the different service in different kind a hairstyle that his/her customer wants.

* Make-up artist – ensures that models, performers and presenters have suitable make-up and hairstyles before they appear in front of cameras or an audience. * Nail Technicians – performs professional nail, hand and foot treatments. They must possess a thorough knowledge of the nails, including a basic knowledge of hand and foot massage techniques and a neat application of polish. They must possess excellent cleanliness and sanitation skills and be willing learn spa specific nail service offerings. They must possess excellent communication skills and be able to learn the product and service knowledge necessary to effectively provide beauty solutions to meet the needs of our guests

Capital: Php 500,000 (Sole Proprietorship)

Sole Proprietorship is a business structure in which an individual and his/her company are considered a single entity for tax and liability purpose. It is registered in the name of only one person. In this business, the legal form of business that we use in putting up a beauty salon is the Sole Proprietorship in which a business man use his/her own money. The capital that we planned to use is Php 500,000, this capital includes all the expenses we need to pay, for example the rent for the place, the tools that are needed in the salon, the machines, the products that are needed in the salon and etc.

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