BBA 3210 Unit VI Discussion Board Question

Billy ordered two rooms of furniture from Rooms-To-Go.  Billy paid the full price of both rooms.  When Rooms-To-Go delivered the furniture to Billy, he said that he could only take one room of the furniture and asked Rooms-To-Go to take the other room of furniture back to their warehouse until he could take that room of furniture.  Rooms-To-Go agreed to do that and placed the other room of furniture that Billy ordered and paid for in its warehouse.  While the furniture was in the Rooms-To-Go warehouse, it was destroyed by fire.  Billy asked Rooms-To-Go to refund the money that he paid for the furniture that was destroyed by fire, but Rooms-To-Go refused, claiming that the risk of loss was on Billy since he was the owner of the furniture that was destroyed by fire.


Does Rooms-To-Go owe Billy the money for the furniture destroyed by fire or is Billy out of luck?

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