Bayrante Career Research Paper Essay

University of Nueva Caceres

City of Naga

Senior High School Department

To Be A Chef:A Career Research Paper

March 4,2019

Reb G. Bayrante


Table of Contents

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Abstract PAGEREF _iq60435acpvc h 3

Introduction PAGEREF _dkwzg5uppwt3 h 4

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Bayrante Career Research Paper Essay
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Scope and Limitations PAGEREF _hf6zyzak8uy9 h 5

Review of related Literature 6

Education 7

Methods and results 9

The Survey 10


Over the last decade, segments of the restaurant industry have started to move toward a more local approach.

Chefs from all over the Philippines are practicing their hand at garden cultivation for their restaurants. The purpose of this study was to describe the educational needs of Philippines chefs. By understanding the participants’ backgrounds the researcher was able to suggest a roadmap for the Cooperative Extension service to provide future educational programs targeted toward this unique audience. The theoretical framework for this study focused on self-paced learning to effectively demonstrate the flexibility of learning and the meaning making processes used by the subjects of this study.

Through interviews, the researcher was able to conduct this basic information questions that will be use for the next chapter of this Research.The researcher found that each individual chef had different reasons for choosing this Culinary Arts course and benefited differently from their practices and ideas. It was also reported that chefs also changed their outcomes and discovered challenges that may arise. These chefs all have separate and unique preferences on how they want to learn.


Food is fundamental to life. Not only does it feed our bodies, but it’s often the centerpiece for family gatherings and social functions with friends. In this course, you will learn all about food including food culture, food history, food safety, and current food trends. You’ll also learn about the food service industry and try your hand at preparing some culinary delights. Through hands-on activities and in-depth study of the culinary arts field, this course will help you hone your cooking skills and give you the opportunity to explore careers in this exciting industry.

Scope and Limitations

This research paper is for all the aspiring Mining . People who are thinking of becoming a Mining personel but don’t have a chance that’s why they want their children to continue their dream job.

It will be helpful because this research paper you will discover what a Mining Director really is. It will cover the general informations about being a Mining Director. Such as the course you can take to be a Mining Director, schools in Manila that offers this course and general requirements of schools in the Philippines.But,these will not discussed in length.

This research paper provides details and data in becoming a Mining Director. You will discover here how to start your career as a Mining Director, making the cut and hitting the big time.

The researcher gathered his the data from various sources such as and creative skillset. he also looked at some blogs to get opinion about being a Mining Secretary. he was able to survey a Mining Director, technical director and producer to get a firsthand information about the profession. Most of the data was gathered in the year of 2015. Some are from the year of 2015. Some of the information are from the year of 2010 to 2017.

Review of Related Literature

After the researcher done the preparatory research, he discovered that there is there are few distributed research on being a Mining Secretary in the Philippines. There are a great deal of websites and opinion pieces however there are no current and comprehensive data. The researcher did, however there are as yet missing of point by point data.

Mining Secretary is more than collecting gold it also help people having jobs. They inspire, inform and may even progressed toward becoming part of our culture. As a mining corporation in South East Asia.

Filminera began working in the year of 2006. However it is important to know that the Mining Industry in the Philippines began through the initiative of foreign tycoon. The Mining industry shows that its gross value added is growing faster than the gross domestic product and gross national product. In other words, the industry has a lot of potential to improve further through the years.

The glamour of Philippine Cinema attracts many Filipino’s to take a shot in the next big in Mining corporation.


Some Mining Secretary didn’t have the chance to have a job in or a Mining company. Although Mining company have a set of requirements, educational programs have much to offer to aspiring minners. An education in mining studies and technique may provide valuable training to a budding film and mining director.

Enrolling in a course of mining at a university, college, technical or vocational school can teach minners much about mining and the industry. Whether learning about the technical aspects of mining, trends in the mining industry or making contacts to assist in career development, mining directors can gain skills and preparation for mining .

Below are the programs offer in some universities in the Australia:

Bachelor of Mining Engineering:

Mining degree programs often confer a Bachelor of Mining Engineering (BME), and these programs teach students about Mining through four years of education. Several schools offer programs which teaches on Mining Engineering. Students learn Mining engineer history and techniques. Their education often focuses on the elements of successful Miner, including plot, character development. Mining Engineering is also covered, usually through reading and discussing the works of acknowledged experts in the field. Common courses include engineering, Mining

Master of Mining Engineering

Here is the two university in Manila, Philippines who is offering courses to be film director.

Schools Adamson University Philippines University of the Philippines

Courses Offered Undergraduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters) Mining Engineering

Average Tuition Fees for local students 36,000-47,000 Greater than 25,000

Average Tuition Fees for international students Greater than 29,000 Greater than 30,000

Average age of equipment 2 – 4 years n/d

Mining Directors are responsible for those students are wanting to be part of Mining industry.

Methods and Result

To get a reliable and factual research the researcher conducted a survey to Five

experienced Mining Director in google forms via facebook and gmail. To give the readers and

aspiring Mining Directors an idea and advice on their profession.

The Survey and Summary of Results

For the survey the researcher asked the following Questions:


According to the survey the respondent 1 is 24 years old. The respondent 2 is 25 years00

old. The respondent 3 is 28 years old. The respondent 4 is 38 years old. The respondent 5 is 38.


Did you choose this job?



Respondent 1: Personal choice

Respondent 2:Personal choice

Respondent 3:Personal choice

Respondent 4:Personal choice

Respondent 5:Personal choice

Summary Statements/Paragraphs: Five out of Five of my respondents voted PERSONAL CHOICE because they want much money for their future.

Question: Do you think this job is suitable to you?

Figure 2: Survey result for the to the seconds question Which is, “Do you think this job is suitable to you?”

Respondent 1: Yes

Respondent 2: Yes

Respondent 3: Yes

Respondent 4: Yes

Respondent 5: Yes

Summary Statements/Paragraphs:

I asked 5 respondents on how many hours do they work everyday as Miner Director.

All of the 5 respondents answered Yes, Because they are satisfied with their job.

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