Batas Militar Essay

The movie “Batas Militar” is a good movie because it showed us what really happened during the Marcos regime. It showed us how President Marcos greed for power. He wants to remain as president of the republic even though he was not elected as one. Marcos was a good president because in his time, the Philippines was raised and the economy was good but when his term starts to end, he still wants to remain on the office for good. He graved for power and never want to end it.

Because of that, he strengthen the power of the military so that the military will protect him from the opposition which, Ninoy Aquino was a great threat for him.

By then, he declared the Martial Law which made him like a dictator and he can do anything under his power and also suspended the Writh of Habeas Corpus which all militaries can capture anyone they wishes to abduct. The suspected people also are put to jail without due process of the court.

The people that time rebelled against Marcos but they did not succeed. Many people were killed and abducted. Many families lost their loved ones. The Philippines that time was very chaotic. No one could speak about bad motives of Marcos because if they do, the be killed by the military.

Upon seeing the movie, I was very thankful I was not born that time because I might be killed of my family. Luckily I was born in the 1991. I realized that it’s not easy to live that time full of chaos and harm. I was thankful that Marcos was stepped out from the office and replaced by our Mother of Democracy, Corazon Aquino because it ended his motives to put the Philippines under his power. For me, intelligence is one thing that a president must have but also it needs a good attitude and selfless motives for his people. Power must not be abused by the president.

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