Basic Concepts in Organization Essay

When one delves into the principles of compensation in Rational Psychology[2] or what is commonly known as the Philosophy of Man, one gets to understand the very basis of why man tends to associate, or form groups with his fellowman. There are talents or expertise that is possessed by other men which is lacking in a person. Thus, a man by force of necessity identifies himself with another man who has talents which he does not possess. In other words, a person’s act of associating with another man is to compensate for what he lacks himself, thus assuring his survival.

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Basic Concepts in Organization Essay
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Plato said in Absolute Materialism[3] that all persons before they assume physical existence in this world are free-floating pure ideas. He calls this the “noumena. ” By a freakish form of accident the noumena was broken into two and both fell down from the ideal world into earth and are born. Thus, from the time a person is born up to his death, he continually searches for his other half and in the process associating and joining himself with other men in the hope of finding that broken half, and when he finds it, he becomes whole again.

The Philippine Constitution of 1987 has recognized this basic need of man to join in a group when it states that: The right of the people, including those employed in the public and private sectors, to form unions, associations, or societies for purposes not contrary to law shall not be abridged. [4] According to Isagani Cruz (1995, p. 225) that the right of the people to associate is especially meaningful because man is by nature gregarious.

The expression of opinions and views may be more effectively spread and disseminated if articulated through an organization to which the person belongs than if he were to ventilate them as a mere individual. This buttressed the view that only through membership in an organization, group or association can a person finds fulfillment and wholeness as a human being. With this, it can be said that an organization, together with Mison and Bernabe (2004, p. 79), is a mechanism or structure that enables living things to work effectively together.

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