Barracks Maintaince and Inspection Essay

Barrack maintenance is important because it is where you live and unclean barracks can present signs of unclean or unhealthy soldiers. The barracks can show a sign if a soldier goes off post without proper authorization or the soldier is just a slob and requires corrective training. The most importance thing about barracks maintenance is cleanliness. Once all common areas are inspected begin inspecting rooms. Before you enter the room check to ensure the door is properly marked in accordance with unit policy and then examine the door for any sign of abuse or wear.

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Barracks Maintaince and Inspection Essay
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Check the common areas of the room such as the bathroom, cabinets, etc. Any deficiencies in the room should be annotated on a sheet of paper that stays in the room. This paper should contain all deficiencies and the status of any work orders that were submitted. Work orders over one week old should be reviewed with senior members of the unit in an attempt to seek resolution.

While inspecting common areas you should be alert for any unusual smells that could indicate faulty plumbing, mildew, drug or alcohol use, etc. Then proceed to check each Soldier’s area.

Check the layout for appearance, completeness, and to ensure it is in accordance with unit policy. All equipment should be checked for cleanliness and serviceability. When checking the Soldier’s wall locker look for unusual signs like worn out undergarments or a locker that appears to be only for display. These could be indicators of other issues. For example, a Soldier could be staying off post without authorization or experiencing financial problems that make it difficult for him to purchase clothing requirements.

Depending on how much time you have you may wish to pick a few things to check in each Soldier’s area and then check the same equipment on every Soldier only deviating when you see negative indicators that give you cause to check something else out. This method ensures each Soldier get the same amount of attention and is treated the same. If you try to do a 100% inspection, some Soldiers may not get inspected at all. Just make sure you have a plan. The last thing you want is a Soldier to work hard preparing for an inspection only to not be inspected at all. This can quickly hurt morale.

While inspecting personal areas look for any indication of unauthorized equipment, illicit drugs, expired prescriptions, prescriptions with other individual’s names, weapons, etc. If you find any illegal activity you should immediately secure the area and notify senior leaders. The same procedures can be used when conducting a health and welfare inspection. These inspections usually require coordination with military police for drug dogs or other assets. If you use dogs in your search ensure the dog handlers use common courtesy when allowing the dogs to inspect the area.

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