BARANGAY PALICO 1 ONLINE RESIDENT MANAGEMENT WITH RADIO FREQUENCY CARD IDENTIFICATIONAlviar, Mario Victorio P.Ca±ete, Jose Joaquin U.Olives, Kim Martel M.An undergraduate thesis submitted to the faculty of the Department of Computer Studies, Cavite State University ” Imus Campus, City of Imus, Cavite in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Contribution No.______. Prepared under the supervision of Mr. Carlo P.MalabananINTRODUCTIONInformation Technology in our country is in-demand for progress Computer-based information retrieval operates through the use of software that can offer information services for an institution Information Technology is also significant in process of upgrading leadership through services that every Barangay are working with.

Evidence Based Governance in the Electronic Age is a three-year project delivered in partnership between the World Bank and the International Records Management Trust. It involves coordinating a global network of institutions and organizations to facilitate the modernization of information and records systems. The goal of the Evidence-Based Governance project is to make records management a foundation of the global development agenda.

The challenge is to rebuild and modernize information and records management systems in parallel with complementary measures to improve the broader environment for public sector management. The project represents a major opportunity to integrate records management into global tactics for good governance. The information collected through these means is providing the basis for the development of assessment tools to measure the quality of records and information systems in relation to clearly 2defined functional requirements and standards. Records, and the information they contain, are a valuable asset that must be managed and protected. Records provide the essential evidence that a particular action or transaction took place or that a particular decision was made. Without reliable records, government cannot administer justice and cannot manage the stateџs resources, its revenue or its civil services. Without accurate and reliable records, and effective systems to manage them, governments cannot be held accountable for their decisions and actions, and the rights and obligations of citizens and corporate bodies cannot be upheld. The project will develop tools for use in the three areas of study: personnel, financial and judicial records systems. Ultimately, the information collected will also help to define the requirements for global measurements building for managing electronic records. The implementation of management system in government sector will help to provide accurate and manage records of citizen information together with the records of activities in local government sector in Tanzania. 3Statement of the ProblemBarangay Palico 1, until now, is using a manual type operation. The barangay usually keep their data hand-written on paper and file it in a folder. Then the Palico staff will generate the list of all the names of an individual in a household, in hand-written again. In tracing the records, the Palico staff will find it one by one. It takes a lot of time. These records are very important for different purposes, it should be stored securely.Also, Barangay Palico 1 affecting the efficiency and convenience for the residents for releasing and processing of documents, announcements, medical mission and some assembly of resident, it takes too much time just to generate a document, and it is open to human errors like typographical error and also some files or cases are lost or misplaced.In a scenario of filling a documents like blotters, business permit, and clearance. The processing time is too long. There are so many introduction and bunch of paper to fill up. What will be the part of system that will minimize that kind of scenario?There is a cases that some of data is missed place and lost, due to over load of paper in a storage or shelves of old records will discarded uncertainly because of storage capacity problem. How your system provide a storage for keeping old data in a long term for the future use?There is a scenario that a resident is no longer in his/her same address or some of information about his/her is outdated. What will be the part of your system that will keep all the residents information is up to date?In a case that a residents accidentally lost or drop his/her RFID card and found by a stranger and didnџt return to itџs respective owner or surrender it to nearest barangay station. In another scenario the RFID and use it to malicious and illegal works. How does your system provide a maximum security of every residents information inside the RFID card? 4Objectives of the StudyGeneral Objectives:The research aims to develop Barangay Palico 1 Online Resident Management with Radio Frequency Card Identification. Specifically, the study aimed to design system software with the following features: issuance government reports, printable files and documents, flexible data management, inventories, appointment. In order to build or create system software it needs to test and improve system software in terms of functionality, performance also to implement the system software and evaluate the system software.Specific Objectives:Specifically, the study aimed to:1. Design system software with the following features: (indicate features below)a. Provide government reports (eg. Blotter reports)b. Provide printable files and documentsc. Provide flexible data management2. Build or create system software;3. Test and improve system software in terms of functionality, performance, (include others) ;4. Evaluate the system software; and5. Implement system software. Conceptual FrameworkINPUTKnowledgeRequirement:A. Business SkillB. Business ProcessC. Programming SkillsD. Database SkillsSoftware Requirement:A. Notepad++B. PHPC. HTMLD. SemanticE. XamppF. JavascriptG. JqueryH. Photoshop CS6I. Operating System (Windows 8 up)Hardware Requirement:A. Computer- Intel Core i5 or AMD FX or better- 4GB Ram-1TB HDD PROCESSUnified Process forEducationPlanningA. The objective of the studyis to make a system that willhelp the Barangay Palico 1 inmanaging their resident andprocessing legal documents.Risk AnalysisA. The complexthings that the clientexperience in using thesystem shall be lessen byproponents.DevelopmentalA. The system for BarangayPalico 1 will be produce andexamine.EvaluationA. The system will disclosedand open for reviewing, If thedecision will be continued theproponents shall create a newplan for the new phase of thesystem. 5OUTPUTBarangay Palico 1Online ResidentManagement withRadio Frequency CardIdentification EVALUATION 6The proponents use IPO Model to present the theory of the study and it shows the relationships between the input and output. This theory of the study represents in the conceptual framework.The input shows the knowledge requirements for the proponents in order to build a system for Barangay Palico 1 and it describe the business process, business skills, programming skills, and database skills to build a system for officials, staffs, and resident.The process contain Unified Process for EDUcation (UPEDU) and it shows the 4 phases: Planning, Analysis, Developmental and Evaluation use to make output for website Barangay Palico 1 Online Resident Management with Radio Frequency Card Identification and it is exclusively only for barangay Palico 1.The output of the study is the Website for Barangay Palico 1 Online Resident Management with Radio Frequency Card Identification 7Significance of the StudyThe benefits of the system for Barangay is to increase its production in terms of government services, Increase in efficiency of monitoring residentџs status, Effective in reports for future plans and updates Easier transaction process.The officials will decrease it hassles through minor paper works or manual inputting of data and real time monitoring of requests status.The residents. This study will be convenient for residents and also it will be less hassle and time consuming.The community. The system will keep the resident updated due to announcement of event or schedules.To future proponents. As this study and all related information contained herein can serve as a guide in their own endeavors and studies, as well as a basis for developing their own system.Time and Place of the StudyThe planning of the study was conducted on February 2018 until April 2018 at Barangay Palico 1 Hall Imus City, Cavite Philippines and in Barangay Captain’s house. 8Scope and Limitations of the StudyThe general scope of the study is to develop a Barangay Palico 1 Online Resident Management with Radio Frequency Card Identification to monitor the population of the resident in Barangay; it monitors the number of male and female, and also, the family members. The system also includes the Residence Information that can be viewed and downloaded by the staff. Moreover, residents can also issue Blotter reports and issue request for barangay clearance, business permit, and business clearance. Processes fee such as barangay clearance fees and others with a unique identification card using RFID.Barangay Clearance. Also called Certification of Residency is one of the Philippine governmentџs issued documents that is required for many different transactions. The resident can go to the nearest barangay station to process Certification of Residency using their radio frequency ID for identification so that it can process automated and virtually at the same time can pay itџs payment for the issuing the certificationEndorsement Letter. Also called Letter of Recommendation or simply reference, is a document in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individualџs ability to perform a particular task or function. This is where the resident requesting an endorsement letter from the Barangay Captain for recommending a specific person or anything related to barangay duties or properties. This endorsement letter can be approve or not by the Barangay Captain and itџs Barangay Secretary.Business Permit. Also called Barangay Business Clearance is one of the permits or documents required when registering a new business in the Philippines. You may always know these information when you have a business in the Philippines because you will need to renew your Mayorџs Permit or Business License every year or at the beginning of a new year unless 9you will be closing your company. Before you renew your business license, you must first need to visit your Barangay Hall or Office of the Barangay Captain in your area where your business is under jurisdiction.Barangay Indigency. This certificate is usually helpful for persons who need financial assistance due to emergency or long term illness cases. The resident should go to nearest Barangay Station use their radio frequency card as the identification and access the computer system. Wait for the processing of the document. No fee is required since this document is for the indigent.Blotter Report. A temporary recording book, especially a police charge sheet in the barangay. The resident can go to nearest Barangay Station and ask for assistance about the blotter case. For verification it needs their radio frequency card to know itџs identity of the complaint and can process as soon as possible.Furthermore, the system also includes history logs to the system. In addition to that, the system also provides the repot modules, Employee Information and also the system includes the plan for Barangay Projects.However, the residents can only views the non-admin accounts and can only do like managing their accounts, requesting documents and filing blotter. While the admin account can manage all the accounts and confidential files such as private information of residents and government reports. 10Definition of TermsSMS NotificationSMS (Short Message Service, is a service for sending short message of up to 160 characters to mobile devices.DocumentsA piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record.Typographical errorsAn error in printed or typewritten matter resulting from striking the improper key of a keyboard from mechanical failure.AuthorizationA security mechanism used to determine user/client privileges or access levels related to system resources, including computer programs, files, services, data and application features.AdministratorA person whose job involves helping to organize and supervise the way that an organization or institution functions, also the person who manages a computer system.PrototypeA prototype is an original model, form or an instance that serves as a basis for other processes.RFIDThe RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) used electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

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