“Babakiueria” and how it causes viewers to question attitudes and values in life.

Year 10 Analytical Essay (Please read attached document, as the essay MUST adhere to the instructions for the Intro, Body, Conclusion, In-text referencing and the Bibliography).

To analyse and evaluate one mockumentary – “Babakiueria” and how it causes viewers to question attitudes and
values in life.

Analyse and evaluate the ways in which mockumentaries cause readers (viewers) of the genre to question attitudes and values to life which we may otherwise regard as right and true. In your response, refer to at least one mockumentary – “Babakiueria” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUMpPgMGCe8) you have explored in class. You will need to write about both the central messages and the techniques used to position the audience to think about these messages.

For several weeks you have been investigating the language techniques of satire and parody and have come to an appreciation of how these are often used to drive the mockumentary genre. We have discussed the similarities and differences between documentary and mockumentary and know that one often mocks the other’s representation of reality. We have come to an understanding that mockumentaries make fun of social and cultural norms which we hold dear and in the process cause us to think about our attitudes and values to groups in society and to political and social systems.

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