Automobile and Toyota Company Essay

BPMM6013 Marketing Management 1. Toyota has built a huge manufacturing company that can produce millions of cars each year for a wide variety of consumers. Why was it able to grow so much bigger than any other auto manufacturer? The Toyota Company grow so much bigger than any other auto manufacture because of the act according to preference of the customer Market segment. Toyota Company produce large range of subcompacts to luxury and sports vehicles to SUVs, trucks, minivans, and buses. They segment their product according to need of customer.

They create their market segment. They produce Scion car that is target the teenage and it becomes famous among the teenage. 2. Has Toyota done the right thing by manufacturing a car brand for everyone? Why or why not? I think Toyota Company done the right thing by manufacturing a car brand for everyone. They manufacture a really great range of exciting new cars which will open people’s eyes and minds. They analyze what a customer need and develop the same feature automobile in the comparable price.

They divide their market segment.

In the market there are di&erent people with di&erent perception. Toyota prove they produce wide variety of the auto that will use by di&erent types of customer. They try to develop the auto according to the customer perception. They want to satisfy each customer. The price range of the Toyota Company is lies very expensive to inexpensive. Toyota automobile are in the reach of middle class to high class such that the user of the Toyota automobile are very much higher than other automobile company.

Toyota understands that each country de’nes perfection di&erently. AMI JOSELINA ABU BAKAR (814481) 1 BPMM6013 Marketing Management 3. Did Toyota grow too quickly as Toyota suggested? What should the company do over thenext year, 5 years, or 10 years? How can growing companies avoid quality problems in the future? Toyota Company grows too quickly as their suggested. Toyota is integrating its assembly plants around the world into a single giant network. They do customize on the car according to the need of the customer.

Toyota’s need to keep their product’s selection and quality superior to their competition. Toyota company are become one of the successful manufacturing company due to their consistent quality. They have to maintain their performance quality. Whether they customized the car or develop new model according to customer need they need to maintain same core quality all around the world. They need to maintain reliability on automobile. The same superior quality and dependable should be maintaining. The design of the automobile should be unique and while developing new model design car they need to maintain core material as same. They need to customize regular according to the customer.

They need to maintain extraordinary look for each model. Such that it will look very distinctive than competitor. They need to produce high quality and high speci’c design automobile. They need to give services after the purchasing the product and more ever they have to delivery every item in the time. They need to create more value of automobile by giving some of the discount or either by various services.

They need to provide e-support for their customer and they need to update their information through the media. As we know people perfection are di&erent according to the geographic area. A great product by itself is not enough so the Toyota need to advertise themselves according to customer perfection at that place. They need to make market strategy di&erently in di&erent country. The Toyota Company is giving Guaranteed Auto Protection to their customer. They need to keep it up. AMI JOSELINA ABU BAKAR (814481) 2.

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