Automobile and Rational Shopping Essay

Shopping is always a necessity in our lives. When we feel the necessity of something, we go shopping at that time. Before we do shopping, we have several motives that influence the kind of products we buy. These motives may be rational or emotional ones, consciously recognized or completely subconscious.

Firstly, we can do rational shopping in different ways. In this way, it what we will buy can be long lasting. Rational shopping has got a lot of advantages. For example we can buy inexpensive car but we make to evaluate with regard to economical, for example we can buy a small car.

Another example when we want to buy a car, we must think it is dependability and convenience. Even we must ask to charged with cars “ Does it have lifetime guarantees? “ , because this is very important. We control what it is easy to use.

Secondly, we can do emotional shopping in different ways. Generally emotional shopping can be little or no preplannning.

Customers do shopping when they want to, so they do not do plan. In general they influence someone or something; or they want to be accepted by society. For example we can want to desire to gain recognition from other so we buy the most expensive car with all accessories or we buy brand new car.

To conclude, shopping can change how we feel the motive. For example, we do rational shopping. When we go shopping, we pay attention to several criterion. Such as, economy, dependability, or convenience. Another example we do emotional shopping. We desire to imitate others, desire to gain recognition from other, or desire to conform. More than necesssity is involved in buying.

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