Automation implementation Feasibility Study Survey

Need to revise the Survey section of the paper. The purpose of survey as qualitative research is to evaluate if KISS Products Inc. need to implement the automation at the warehouse, and As a result, the analysis of how each groups responded(%) of questionnaires, what is our findings and observations of why each groups feel about automation, why would KISS need or do not need automation and what aspects or factors need to be considered for implementation, what impacts company is expecting (either neagative or positive)

1. Explanation of intent of the survey and methodology. I’d like to keep three groups.
2. Group 1 should be 5-10 warehouse workers, explanation why it would be important this group
3. Group 2 should be KISS customers: who they are, and why would be significant to survey this people (understand how KISS is operating as customer in business relationship)
4. Group 2 should be KISS office employees in Marketing, supply chain, sales. what their responses of questionnaires of automation, expectation, etc.
5. Summary of findings and analysis.

6. Questionnaires should be Non-intentional bias questions. SurveyMonkey type of questions. For example. Question and choices (1. Satisfied 2.not satisfied, etc.)

Structures are already on the paper but needed to be more specific, and how this important survey is helping for company to understand better on decision of adapting automation in the warehouse.

We can discuss for more details when you review.

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