Attending college is worth it Essay

Attending college is worth it. Students who a college education and graduate have many more life changing opportunities than those who don ‘t; the debates of studying after high school has been ongoing for countless years, but statistics have proven that majority to all students who go to college achieve more life goals than the average high school graduate. They receive better work benefits, life skills, higher paying salaries, etc. There is a downside to everything in life such as debt is to college education.

However, the price students pay is insufficient compared to what the benefits they receive after graduating from college.College graduates earn more money than high school graduates. The average annual income for someone without a college education was around $40,000 in 2010, but someone with the college education made twice or even higher that income even today. A student studying for around two years, an associate ‘s degree, made higher in a lifetime than the student with only the high school diplomas.

The greatest advantage to have to order to receive a higher salary a high school graduate is to obtain some sort of a college degree.Just as universities are competitive with whom they choose to study on their campus, abundant jobs have become competitive with whom they hire to work for them. Universities will offer a greater amount of scholarships to high school students who have displayed earnest work and discipline. Acceptable paying jobs have some requisites as well. They will pay extra to the workers who have worked exhaustively to earn it just as how the university offered more aid to the students who worked intensely; most people are accepted into college just as some land a job, but the ones who receive more money are the ones who worked years for it.Not having a college degree doesn ‘t mean one will not have a job but it will be much more difficult for them to find one since the job markets have become more competitive each year. The unemployment rate in 2013 for college graduates that were older than 25 was 3.6% as to high school graduates which was 7.5%. Numerous employers look for someone who has a degree to work in their company. It shows them that the person seeking the job cares enough to improve themselves, are responsible, work well under stress, carries out good decisions, and much more. One who attends college knows that it is a lot more difficult than high school and it helps one grow as a person. Employers value these types of workers in their business.College graduates are more likely to receive greater benefits from their jobs. Many, compared to high school graduates, are given access health insurance and/or retirement plans; they receive about $6,000 more in a year in retirement income than high school graduates do. Companies offer greater health benefits such as insurance to people with higher degrees or a degree at all. They make sure that their employer is in good shape and feels welcomed working in the business so that they will stay there longer providing their services.If bounteous amounts of people enroll in college, then it must mean that it has become a necessity. In 1949, about 2.7 million students enrolled in college. Soon after, the numbers have increased by millions. In 1990, there were 13.5 million students enrolled and a little further than 13 years later, almost 20 million students enrolled in a university. The numbers keep increasing every year and will continue to do so. Teenagers and even adults have realized over the years that there are more benefits, obtaining a college diploma than a high school diploma alone.Life feels better with a college degree. The majority of college graduates are more satisfied with their jobs than the ones without a degree. They experience higher pay than others, make enough money according to what degree they have, and unemployment is lower for them. Students go to college to study something that they love and would enjoy doing for the rest of their lives. When they graduate from college, they pursue their dream job and those with the most discipline, determination, and drive most likely earn the life they want. They are happier to wake up during weekday mornings for work than those who did not pursue their academic career and goals.College graduates are more likely to live long and healthy lives. They receive an education that frequently teaches them between right and wrong. These students are most likely to practice positive behaviors such as exercise or a minimal use of smoking or non at all. Research says that college graduates live about five years longer than high school graduates and 7 years longer than dropouts. In addition, most college graduates deal with less stress than others. Their degree makes it easier to find a job, sustain, or keep themselves relaxed and entertained compared to just a high school diploma in which results a healthier life.College graduates work more to improve their interpersonal skills, which make them more successful than others. An interpersonal skill is a great quality to have in a person since they are able to communicate or get along with a different group of people quite well. Being able to communicate with those who are difficult for high school students to communicate with, open opportunities for bigger business. Employers seek for workers with these types of skills since they are less likely to “scare the customer away.”Universities offer important classes such as speech, which helps students, improve their spoken and written communication. Students also develop better listening skills since they ought to use them in class on a daily basis and that is one of the best qualities a person can have. Universities also allow students to practice assertiveness. They are in a highly diverse institution with different races, beliefs, and cultures. Students later learn how to present themselves in a respectful manner and avoid profanation to different beliefs than their own. Lastly, the university environment helps students practice decision-making. It helps them learn how to make better decisions and think wisely about the future.College gives students an opportunity to get to know others and interact with them. Being part of a diverse community gives them a chance to take part in different debates and share ideas with different thinking people. They enhance their communication skills. The more time someone spends with someone who is different from him or her, the more they learn about the world and the more valuable they become. Other people like to communicate and hang out with someone who ‘s diverse and different as well.There is less poverty among college graduates. The Census Bureau shows that only 1% of married couples have applied and use food stamps that have some type of degree in 2008. High school graduates show up to 8% using food stamps. The poverty rate for bachelor degree holders was around 4% that year, meanwhile high school graduates ‘ poverty rate was 12%. Since it ‘s easier for them to find a job, even one that isn ‘t all that great, they are getting paid and have less debt than high school diploma owners.Henry B., a doctor, says that college education makes students have “greater productivity, lower crime, better health, [and] better citizenship for more educated people.” College graduates are more productive than those who aren ‘t. In order to receive a degree, one has to work hard for it. That includes spending sleepless nights, being alone, and not partaking in social activities. College students grow up to be more productive than the students who decide not to do anything after high school.There is a lower crime rate among college graduates. After high school, students are presented with an opportunity to keep learning in school. There is also the option of joining the military. Not all high school graduates or dropouts turn to the wrong things, but they are most likely to and are arrested compared to college degree holders. Having a degree gives one something to do. Graduates would like to further their knowledge or obtaining a favorable job and starting a life on their own. That keeps them distracted enough to keep their lives clean.Going to college gives the student mass opportunities to explore different careers. Universities have job fair events that students are invited to attend. Their fairs have a wider range of careers than high schools do and if the career is at the fair, the university offers it; they also have large numbers of volunteer opportunities that give the students better resumes for future jobs. Job shadowing also gives them a valuable experience that helps them decide whether that is the career they wish to pursue.A reason why thousands of teens do not go to college is because the government doesn ‘t aid them. However, debt is part of life. Without a few ups and downs, being alive would be too boring. Depending on the type of education one picks up, college is worth the money; there is an error numerous students do is going to a university that is beyond their financial means. Jobs that make wonderful pay aren ‘t that expensive to study for. In fact, classes are offered at a local community college that isn ‘t awfully expensive as other institutions.The children of college graduates are most likely to go to college. Sons and daughters tend to follow or copy whatever their parents do. Kids want to be just like their parents at some point of their lives. In addition, college graduates want their offspring to go to college and obtain a career as well. In that case, they persuade their children to look into the college education after graduating high school. The college graduate parents become their mentors.Learning is always worth it. Learning never stops as one grows older, but learning in school becomes beneficial. There are numerous people who do not like to have non-meaningful conversations with others. They crave intellectual conversations. Attending a university increases the intellectual mind and the students learn to think and act more productively. In return, they come in contact with other intellectual people and they are able to share ideas and work on beneficial projects.Jonathan D. Fitzgerald argues, “The value of a liberal arts college education to you and to employers is that you ‘ve spent four years in a place where you were forced to consider new ideas, to meet new people, to ask new questions, and to learn to think, to socialize, to imagine. If you graduate, you will acquire a degree, but if you are not a very different person from who are you are today, then college failed.” College expands the human mind and the way of thinking. It ‘s meant to change you into a better person. Most college graduates enter the world changed into someone who is able to use their selves and what they learned in order to form their life better.It is said that majority of students who refuse to receive a college education become unemployed by cause of their disinterest of bettering themselves and that brings the government into debt. Their unemployment places a financial struggle on the society. For example, multiple single mothers or struggling families receive welfare since they do not make enough money at their job. The children may also receive free health care. The government offers these services to them due to their financial needs but it would not need to happen to have they gotten a satisfactory college degree. Not attending college affects not only the person, but also the society in a whole.Going to college provides beneficial networking. Students conduct connections with others either attending a class with them, rooming with them, or having friend connections. However, they may not know what type of connections that person may have with them in the future. Harvard Business School states that 65-85% of jobs are acquired through connections. This is because students in college are “forced” to form friendships, enter fraternities, use social media, and go into clubs or sports. It all expands a student ‘s networking value with the more people whom they come into contact with.In addition, colleges offer networks in the students ‘ preferred field of work. They open up opportunities for students to go on internships where they may end up working with the company in the future if they did a marvelous job and may rank higher every year they work. Colleges also offer career-based consultation in the students ‘ study field which either halts or furthers the students ‘ interest in the field. Also, it offers alumni networks where students can reach other people who have already graduated in their field, which may bring future advantages. College is the easiest, most enjoyable way of getting to know others and making a network connection for future references.

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