Attendance Monitoring System Essay

The system tracks the performance of employees regarding their attendance on a daily basis. 1. 2 System Overview Attendance Monitoring System provides a foolproof solution using fingerprint authentication with the use of a Barcode Scanner for input and affiliated with payroll ystem and human resource development system and provides efficient reports of the company.. The system records details such as arrival and departure of employees besides monitoring their attendance on a daily basis. 1. 2. 1 System Description Attendance Monitoring System takes input in a barcode scanner to collect and process data.

Attendance monitoring system will provide the needed data for the payroll system for the deductions of the employee to be process. It provides reports of the DTR, the absences, and the leave of the employee. 1. 2. 2 System Organization

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Attendance Monitoring System Essay
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Attendance Monitoring System has a barcode scanner that takes the input of the employee in barcode id. The system will monitor the daily, monthly, yearly record of the employee’s absences, leaves, and DTR. It computes for the late of the employee for the deductions.

1. 3 Project References http://www. digitscorp. com/insight/attendance-and-time-monitoring-system. html  http://www. bioenable. co. in/fingerprints_software_development_kit. htm  http:// www. aryah. net/TAMS. htm 1. 4 Glossary Provide a glossary of all terms and abbreviations used in the manual.

If it is several pages in length, it may be placed in an appendix. 2 MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW The subsequent sections provide a brief description of the implementation and major tasks involved in this section. 2. 1 Description of Implementation This section provides a brief description of the system and the planned deployment, installation, and implementation approach. * The Attendance Monitoring System will be implemented along together with the Human Resource Development Information System and Payroll System, in which it can operate as a single software. 2. 2 Points of Contact

In this section, identify the System Proponent, the name of the responsible organization(s), and titles and telephone numbers of the staff who serve as points of contact for the system implementation. These points of contact could include the Project Manager. Program Manager, Security Manager. Database Administrator, Configuration Management Manager, or other managers with responsibilities relating to the system implementation. The site implementation representative for each field managers and staff with whom the implementation must be coordinated. 2. 3 Major Tasks

This section provides a brief description of each major task required for the implementation of the system. Add as many subsections as necessary to this section to describe all the major tasks adequately. The tasks described in this section are not site-specific, but generic or overall project tasks that are required to install hardware and software, prepare data, and verify the system. Include the following information for the description of each major task, if appropriate: What the task will accomplish  Resources required to accomplish the task Key person(s) responsible for the task

Criteria for successful completion of the task  Examples of major tasks are the following:  Providing overall planning and coordination for the implementation  Providing appropriate training for personnel  Ensuring that all manuals applicable to the implementation effort are available when neededProviding all needed technical assistance Scheduling any special computer processing required for the implementation  Performing site surveys before implementation Ensuring that all prerequisites have been fulfilled before the implementation date Providing personnel for the implementation team

Acquiring special hardware or software Performing data conversion before loading data into the systemPreparing site facilities for implementation 2. 4 Implementation Schedule In this section, provide a schedule of activities to be accomplished during implementation. Show the required tasks (described in Section 2. 3, Major Tasks) in chronological order, with the beginning and end dates of each task. 2. 5Security If appropriate for the system to be implemented, include an overview of the system security features and requirements during the implementation. 2. 5. 1 System Security Features

In this section, provide an overview and discussion of the security features that will be associated with the system when it is implemented. It should include the primary security features associated with the system hardware and software. Security and protection of sensitive bureau data and information should be discussed, if applicable. Reference the sections of previous deliverables that address system security issues, if appropriate. 2. 5. 2Security During Implementation This section addresses security issues specifically related to the implementation effort, if any. For example, if LAN servers or workstations will he installed at a site ith sensitive data preloaded on non-removable hard disk drives, address how security would be provided for the data on these devices during shipping, transport, and installation because theft of the devices could compromise the sensitive data.

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