At daybreak the dawnfilled sky was a mixture of peach and magenta Essay

At daybreak, the dawn-filled sky was a mixture of peach and magenta water colours. The sun bloomed on the distant horizon, with its golden-petalled rays bouncing off the surface of the sapphire water. The beach was silent. The only noise to be heard was the sound of the waves rising and falling with rhythmic ease. The fresh golden sand lay flat like paper, awaiting the day to come. A seashell rested on the shore; it’s pearlescent colour shimmering in the rising sun.

It twisted and tapered to a point and was smooth underneath like a domed ceiling. A shore crab scuttled along the frothy oceanfront, its shell had hues of purple in it whereas its legs were a vivid scarlet colour. A flash of grey and white soared across the sky’s blue. Seagulls swooped through the air; their sharp cries awakening the peace…

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At daybreak the dawnfilled sky was a mixture of peach and magenta Essay
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A tantalising aroma curled up from the grill as people queued, waiting for the fresh sizzling meat.

The sun beamed down, happy to see such good spirits. Youngsters sat cross-legged on the glazed beach and watched as their castles crumbled into a million grains of sand. A woman pulled out a pastel blue deckchair as a gentle breeze blew through her golden hair, which fell loose on her face – tousled and tangled. The sunshine hit every inch of her skin until she was a honeyed brown. Small, wet pebbles lined the beach, sparkling under the sun’s light. She picked one up; it’s smooth surface was perfectly round with no sharp edges or jagged curves… perfect for skimming. She flicked her wrist and watched as the pebble bounced across the surface of the salty brine. Tall, strong palm trees offered comforting shade to those in need. Their viridescent crowns perched on top of their long hardwood trunks, each with different argyle patterns engraved on them. The sound of laughter echoed along the beach, mimicked by the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

At twilight, the cleansing began. The wind picked up, ready to disperse the footprints printed on the sand and small waves began washing the day’s debris onto the shore. Stars of different shapes and sizes twinkled enchantingly in the sky, mesmerising with their cosmic energy. The combination of dark and dim light from the stars gave a mystical colouring to the beach. The deep silver crescent moon created simmering reflections on the deep blue water. The gentle sand on the ground was still warm from the heat it had absorbed. The waves lapped like the ticking of a clock. A bittersweet ending to another day.

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