Assignment Najma noreen (1) Essay

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13Oct 2019

Scientific Inquiry & Research Methodology

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Assignment Najma noreen (1) Essay
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Najma Noreen


Section C3


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TOC o “1-3” h z u Article .1 PAGEREF _Toc21869515 h 3Summary: PAGEREF _Toc21869516 h 3Article.2 PAGEREF _Toc21869517 h 3Summary: PAGEREF _Toc21869518 h 3Article 3 PAGEREF _Toc21869519 h 4Summary: PAGEREF _Toc21869520 h 4

Assignment: Literature review


Title: Cardiovascular disease risk factors in Pakistani population with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes mellitus:A crosssectional study of selected family practitioner clinics in four provinces of Pakistan 

Author: .Raza- Hassan- Badar- Mirza – Adam

Publication Date: 2019 March

Summary:The topic of this article ‘To explore the cardiovascular risk factor in people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus, .It is cross sectional , potential multicenter study done in “June 2014 till July 2015”.This study taken in 27 family clinic center from corner to corner of Pakistan. Study conducted on age group between 30-50 years old who diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus during previous 6 months .By using “united kingdom prospective diabetes study engine version 2.

0” attempt to finding the total threat of deadly and non deadly “coronary heart disease”. After collecting and arranging the data according to the era came to point that the people >40 years were drastically interconnected to elevated glycated hemoglobin, while the other people have age <39 linked with high level of very low density lipoprotein with triglyceride.

Risk of cardiac disease found 9.7 and for stroke was 1.5.After conducting the research we came t point that screening is necessary for cardiovascular system either you are newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus patient.(168words)


Comparison of High Intensity Laser therapy and Ultrasound treatment in patient with Lumber Discopathy

Authors: Koldas Dogan-Sebnema-Ay-Saimeb

Publication Date: 2015

Summary:The main purpose of this study or research to find out the effect of modalities on patient having lumber disk herniation.The modalities taken in this study are “low intensity laser therapy with ultrasound therapy”. The study conducted on 65 diagnosed patients who were already performing exercises. These patients randomly divided into 3 groups. One group receiving the 10 days therapy of ultrasound and group 2 receive 10 days therapy of laser and group 3 taking medical therapy. The result of this conducted by assessment before and after therapy .After conducting research ,analyzing evaluating and arranging data we came to point that these modalities produce effect on lumber disc hernia ion pain on MAH parameter of first, second and third group it is done before and after the assessment of pain in patients they also done treatment on second and third group for 3 months by comparing the statistical analysis we found that 10 days period of session values and in base line values there is nt significant difference but ultrasound and high intensity laser therapy are effective in increasing recovery of lumber disk hernia ting patients .(187words)

Reference: .3Title:

Physiotherapy in treatment of Temporomendibualr joint disorder comparative study of four treatment methods

Author: RJ Gray- AA Quayle-MA Schofield

Publication Date:9 April 1994

Summary:Temporomendibualr joint syndrome have signe and symptoms of joint pain tenderness ,restriction of joint movement , click sounds.Physiothrepy is used in the treatment of this joint problem. This field use different types of method to treat this problem. Currently we are using four different methods. There is also a discussion about the cost of these methods by comparing it to occlusal splint therapy. With these four types placebo effect is also use to evaluate cost effectiveness of methods. These methods are “short-wave diathermy mega pulse ultrasound and soft laser.”By doing all these methods and collecting, analyzing and arranging the data we came to know that all methods have same results and there is no any major difference in effect of these modalities but when check out it separately all four modalities shows better results than placebo effect also they are cost effective.(149 words)


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