Assignment: Evidence-Based Capstone Project, Part 6: Disseminating Results

The dissemination of EBP results serves multiple important roles. Sharing results makes the case for your decisions. It also adds to the body of knowledge, which creates opportunities for future practitioners. By presenting results, you also become an advocate for EBP, creating a culture within your organization or beyond that informs, educates, and promotes the effective use of EBP.


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Assignment: Evidence-Based Capstone Project, Part 6: Disseminating Results
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To Prepare:


  • Review the final PowerPoint presentation you submitted in Module 5, and make any necessary changes based on the feedback you have received and on lessons you have learned throughout the course.
  • Consider the best method of disseminating the results of your presentation to an audience.


To Complete:


Create a 5-minute, 5- to 6-slide narrated PowerPoint presentation of your Evidence-Based Project.


  • Be sure to incorporate any feedback or changes from your presentation submission in Module 5.
  • Explain how you would disseminate the results of your project to an audience. Provide a rationale for why you selected this dissemination strategy.









Feedback from Professor


– Remember to remove the hyperlink that is in blue and underlined in URL address; everything needs to be in black font color throughout.


– It can add credibility to your discussion with the use of evidence to support your assertions.


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