Assignment Details:

The purpose of this assignment is to give you working knowledge of the interview process. You will write a process report that describes the interview process for an open position identified in your chosen organization.

Your research will be based on information garnered from 1 of the following sources of information:

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Assignment Details:
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  • Your current workplace
  • A company that you are familiar with in your local market

Note: You will need to contact the recruitment office or a hiring manager for this assignment.

You will prepare an 800–1200-word process report that begins with the flow chart and includes the following:

  1. Flowchart to illustrate the interview process
  2. Recruiting resources
    • What method of recruiting will you use to garner qualified candidates for this position?
  3. Pre-employment tests
    • Discuss what pre-employment test the organization will use in the search for the qualified applicant.
    • List at least 3 pre-employment tests that you would recommend the organization use in the interview process. Include an explanation of why you chose these specific tests.
  4. Interview questions
    • List at least 7 interview questions that potential candidates for the position will be asked.
  5. Type of interview(s)
    • What type of interview will the organization employ? Why is this type of interview used?
  6. Location and length of time
    • Where does the interview occur? What is the average duration of any single interview?
    • Why do you think that this is important?
  7. Final selection of top 3 candidates
    • How does the organization decide who the top candidates for an open position will be?
  8. Post-offer tests
    • Does the organization require any post-offer tests as part of the interview process?
      • If so, what tests are used?
      • If not, why did they make that choice?

Note: Your report should be professionally formatted and free of grammar and spelling errors.


Deliverable Length: 800 -1200 words  


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