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Research proposal

Trading and investment have a profound effect on the human rights with prove that economic growth cannot lead to a sustainable, equitable and inclusive development outcomes. Human rights have been affirmed that they are a guiding for multilateral trade negotiations consideration. Approaches of human right have overlapped their obligations in then trade and investments due to their consideration of how the laws and agreements impact their ability to satisfy their human rights. The actions and measures that are taken in the establishment of good environment, human rights obligation and development should be enhanced in the trading and investment.

There has been establishment of investment treaties and trade agreements that have criticized and have been mobilized to be against them focusing and taking into account the human rights rather than commercial interest. This has been due to pressure from international investments and trades and the creation of open and business friendly environment.


According to thesis the United States should prohibit trade with countries that have poor records on human rights because of the humiliation of the human rights by the nations which are the developing countries and have had a low response on the human rights and their few policy spaces to for responding.

International Trade and Human rights

The freedom of the United States to trade with other countries has been highly challenged by the promotion of human rights. These have been influenced malpractices that have come along due to beneficial relationship. Therefore trade has caused negative impacts on human rights violation on the individuals of that specific country. Policy makers and trade agreement parties do not consider human rights. Torture and war crimes have been committed around the world due to international trade.

Trade policies and agreements that have been established by the country have n effect on the workers, consumers, residents and people in poverty (Cottier et .,al 2005). This is because of the establishment of the policies without looking at their impacts on the rights to education, health, food, water and work. These negative impacts on the rights may include farming subsidies impact in the countries that have developed on their right to access food in the countries that are developing hence a negative impact on the health right within the trade related rights of the property.

Violation of human rights due to interational trade may include; people being evictd from their homestead for a certin establishment, lack of right to health due to contaminated water that is state-owned, minimum wage sufficiency for the workers due to trade policies, failure to establish reasonable hours of working and social assistance denial.

Viability of trade prohibition

Prohibition of trading with countries that have poor human rights is effective to the individuals of the country with poor humn rights. Establishment of trade policies nd agreements will enable enforcement of humn rights that associate for the prohibition of child labor and forced labor (Donnelly, J. 2010). The international human rights law has aimed primarily on the protection of individuals that relate with interntional trade. Prohibition of the trade will enable wider consumer nd surplus food commoditeies especially in the developing countries and will also promote freedom and enhance engagemet of human rights as economic factor.


The prohibitions that are made gainst another country are effective to the economic growth of the country. Therefore prohibiting country from trading with another may be effective to the countrys economy. This includes even the people and their standars of living. The measures that are carried out to order for prohibition consider the economic effect. A country that receives import form a country tht does not enhance human rights may prohibit the supply hence increasing the cost of getting that commodity.

Trade relations have brought about new work force in the world trading system due to interactions therefore lowering the standards of living for the residents due to low unemployment (Dine, J. 2005).  Normative and institutional fragmentation and conflict have increasd due to the international relations. . Another adverse impact is on the speculation in the commodities of food on the right to food access in the developing countries. Economically there is a loss on the tariff revenue due to the liberization in the sectors of service.


According to the research paper, the United States should prohibit trade with countries that have poor human rights. This has been considered as exploiting the residents of that country that have been involved in the trade process. This has therefore shown that there are countries that exploit their workers due to lack of respecting their rights. This is therefore advisable to trade with countries that support the standards of living of their people.



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Dine, J. (2005). Companies, international trade and human rights (Vol. 4). Cambridge University Press.

Donnelly, J. (2010). International human rights. ReadHowYouWant. com.


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