Assignment #2_pdf INFO6064 (1) Essay



Assignment #2 – Report

A report on an Outreach program “Seniors Support Program”

FEBRUARY 6, 2019

HIMANI 0908505

Fanshawe College, London, ON

Durham Mental health services started their services in year 1987 and

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Assignment #2_pdf INFO6064 (1) Essay
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this is a not profitable organization. That provide their services to the individuals and families who are

suffering from mental illness and who needs daily assistance in their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). They

render their services throughout the Durham region.

This organization raises awareness among public regarding mental health illness, aid those people who

are living with this discrimin ation, provide services for elderly people, and render services to the

community. Durham Mental health services is accredited by the Accreditation Canada. This organization

is funded by the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CE -LHIN), the Ministry of Long -term

health Care (MOLTH) and by Durham region department of social services (Durham Mental Health

services – Home page 2019)


The purposes of the report are as listed below:

1. Develop a proper channel of co mmunication to establish the outreach program with the other

team members.

2. To develop a full -fledged SWOT analysis, to make the outreach program successful.

3. To know about the program more in detail, for determining its outcomes.

4. To know earlier about the m erits and demerits of the program before its implementation


5. To find out the alternative options for the barriers or obstructions that comes during the

implementation strategy.

Seniors support program : It is a holistic program that render their services to the individuals aged 55+

who need assistance in their daily routine work because they become unable to do their work. This

program is run by a multi -disciplinary team, usually headed by a Nurse co -ord inator (Durham Mental

Health services – Home page 2019)

Services eligibility:

? The individuals who needs a caregiver, to make them feel comfortable

? People who feels lonely

? Feeling depressed and anxious all the time

? People who are unable to do their daily routine tasks appropriately

The support services that

are provided in the

organization are as

described below:

? Physical health

support: In this, the

care is given to the

individuals who are

suffering from the

health problems

that affect their

bodies like

diabetes, blood

pressure, cardiovascular diseases etcetera.

? Counselling: In this, the counsellor gives counselling to the needy people who wants external

support to sort out their issues of daily lives or the drug addicts who wants to leave that life –

threatening habit to make their future bright.

? Diversional therapies support: Under this, the seniors are provided with the social support

service, so as to divert their minds from the daily schedules and also recreational activities are

also their like d ancing, singing etcetera t make their life more cherished.

? Personal support services within a particular time frame includes maintain their personal

hygiene, assist them in dressing up, the seniors who are physically disabled support them in

mobility etcet era (Durham Mental Health Services -Home page,2019)

Primary stakeholders

? Physicians

? Nurse practitioners

? Social support worker

? Volunteers

? Mental and behavioral health provider

? Physician assistants

? Alternative medical practitioners

? Nutritional specialists

? Therapists

Intended target

For the successful completion of the program, the target is individuals aged 55+, who requires assistance

for fulfilling their daily routine tasks completely. They have to focus not only on few people but on

whole pop ulation. Their main aim is to prevent the onset of illness by helping the senior people to adopt

a healthy lifestyle.

Legislations and regulations need to be considered

? PHIPA (Personal Health Information and Protection Act): This act was established in year 2004.

This act explains the guidelines for the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information

of an individual. This is to make the whole information of an individual confidential to avoid the

case of privacy breech.

? PIPEDA (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act): This act was

implemented in year 2000. Under this, the people have the full authority to access their

information at an ytime and ask any query related to the information provided in a particular

document from the organization.

? FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act): Established in year 2018 . This

act explains that the individual has the right to acces s the information from the organization and

to protect the privacy of the individuals, so that there are reduced chances of breech.

? The Privacy Act: This act is established by the Federal government and it describes how an

institution can collect, use and disclose the personal information of a person and when a person

wants, he can access his information and also make corrections in that.

SWOT Analysis


• Raises the


building by

fostering the


among public

that will make

the program


• Appropriate



for those who

are volunteering

especially the

students will be

a weakness in

this program for



services to the


• More emphatic

and easily


services will be

provided to the

elderly people.

• If the organization’s

budgetary outlay

got disturbed due

to some crisis, then

it will become risky

for the p rogram

administrators to

run it continuously.

• Helps in making


decisions that

will help the

healthcare team

for rendering

services to the

elder age group.

• Gender problem

like if the

volunteer is a

female, she has

to look after her

children also, so

she can spend

less time on


healt h, this will

have a negative

impact on the


• A more


empathetic and


development of



will be created

that will look

after the needs

of the seniors.

• If the strategy of

the program is not

planned carefully

(some error

persists), then it will

disturb the whole


• Proves to be

beneficial in

knowing about

the needs and

alternatives for

a problem

among the

seniors leads to

multi -sectoral




• External factors

like money and

the utility of

activities in a



area can disturb

the level of

involvement of



Canada, 2015)

• The volunteers

will get a fair

opportunity to

practice in


setting, will be

trained and

additiona lly

knows how to

work in a


manner as a

team (Durham

Mental Health

services, 2019)

• If there is


knowledge about

the outreach

program, within the

locality where these

services are

provided, this will

hamper the whole

agenda (McKinsey

& Company, 2001)

Implementation strategy

? Strategy: In this some pre -planned actions and planning is to be done to implement the

program successfully like complete description of the program.

? Identifying the stakeholders: In this we will recognize the internal stakeholders (social worker,

staff) and the external stakeholders (non -profitable organizations).

? Description of the whole setting : In this one will get to know about the complete area where

the program is to be conducted. If it is e xternal location, then the location should be complete

secured and if internal then proper venue description, date and time and proper demographical

description of the locality.

? Raising funding: In this, the financial assistance is required so one can take help of the

stakeholders for the successful implementation of the program. Then after it divide the whole

budgetary outlay wisely so that all the required possessions are there in the program.

? Identify the success factors: The success factors will help in the successful completion of the

project. This can be done by matrix tracking.

? Capacity building: Under this, the services are delivered. This can be done by increasing

awareness among the public that will ultimately leads to increment in the members.

? Rev iew: In this last step, we will monitor the whole process and share the whole result with

other members (Bissoondial, 2019).


Recommendation 1: Before initiating the program, discuss with the whole healthcare team and the

stakeholders about the program’s guidelines so that each and every person feel confident about the

outreach progra m, to make a strong professional bonding between each other and to develop a feeling

of mutual trust between the whole team.

Recommendation 2: Before the imple menting strategy, completely know about the people who are

living in that geographical area to make inter -personal communication bonding better. The healthcare

team should know that what kind of ailments are present in that location so that they can be pro perly

trained to make their services more efficient and cost -effective.

Recommendation 3: During the action phase, some of the healthcare personnel should visit the whole

area and see that all community people are getting those services or not. If some el derly clients who can

not go to that place, personally visit them and according to the situation give remedial action for that.

After the completion of the whole program, evaluate that area so as to know to what extent the

program is successful? If there are some limitations work on that for the accomplishment of the task.


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