Assignment 2 For The Course SOC103 Sociological PerspectiveGnoh Wei JinINTI International College Essay

Assignment 2 For The Course SOC103: Sociological PerspectiveGnoh Wei JinINTI International College SubangIntroduction to SociologySociology is the orderly study of social behaviour and human groups. It focuses primarily on the impact of social relationships on people’s attitudes and behaviour and on how societies are established and changes in society. As a field of study, sociology has an extremely broad scope that includes the following: families, gangs, business firms, political parties, schools, religions, and labour unions. It is concerned with love, poverty, conformity, discrimination, illness, alienation, overpopulation, and community (Sociology: A Brief Introduction, Richard T.

Schaeffer and Robert P. Lamm,1994).The sociological perspective invites us to look at our familiar surroundings in a new approach. It encourages us to take a new look at the world we have always taken for granted, to examine our social environment with the same curiosity that we might bring to a non-native foreign culture. (Sociology NY: Worth Pub,I. Robertson,1981)The study of sociology takes us into areas of society that we might otherwise have neglected or misunderstood such as the poorer section of the society that may be starving their stomach although having to perform multiple part-time jobs to earn a living.

Because our view of the world is likely shaped by our personal experience and since people with different social experiences have different definitions of social reality, sociology helps us to appreciate perspectives other than our own and to understand how these perpectives came into being.Assignment 2 For The Course SOC103: Sociological Perspectivea) What are the benefits of studying sociology? That is, in what ways does understanding the social world makes us a better person? In my personal opinion, I believe that studying this course,which is Sociology can prepare a person for a lifetime of change by developing their appreciation of variety, love of learning, writing and study skills, and basic information about human behavior, social groups, culture, and social changes. Besides that,we are also able to understand different cultures and we are also able view an issue from a community’s perspective instead of our own that will allow us to understand and analyze a situation from different perspectives and understand one’s perspective in a deeper manner. Furthermore, sociology also fixes our attention onto how different parts of the society can fit together as one and make beneficial changes,as well as making sure that we are aware of the setbacks of that particular social change.With this knowledge of sociology,we are able to attempt in understanding the ever-increasingly complex and rapidly changing social milieu as it is expressed in forms such as values, group attitudes, families, organizations and we are able to understand why people have certain thoughts about an issue and the reason behind why they do what they do. It is also important because it helps explain how people interact as groups and this can lead to more understanding and avoid unnecessary rejection of a person due to their skin colour, race, religion, class, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or even gender in our society which is a phenomena that is mushrooming everywhere in this era of modernization. Researches show that approximately 60% of employers believe that expecting students to learn about cultural and ethnic diversity will help prepare them for success. This is because college graduates that have studied sociology can embrace different cultures of the community and can adapt to the community norms without feeling the need to criticize a community based on their perspective on an issue.Besides that,researches also show that more than 7 out of 10 executives want students with teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse group settings. This indirectly increases the job opportunity for fresh college graduates as they can cooperate with others without neglecting their personal opinions.References: [1] Tenessee State University,2019.Sociology Program.Retrieved from mwestwood. “Why is sociology useful?” eNotes, 3 Oct. 2010, Retrieved from Brigham Young University ” Idaho,2019.Retrieved from b) What are the benefits of studying sociology? That is, in what ways does understanding the social world makes us a better citizen?Studying sociology will enhance our ability to be an active and informed citizen, able to influence societal choices and policies. Sociology is unique in its acknowledgement not only in how society affects our decision on certain issues but also how we shape our societies. This latter process is present in all societies and all human groups, but it is especially central to democracy in which citizens are explicitly expected to participate in shaping their society. Indeed, without an informed and active citizenry, democracy withers and dies. Therefore it is important to the society as a whole as well as to the self-interest of individual citizens that we all are afforded a sound understanding based on valid evidence, of how societies work and how we play our daily part in that. As a part of the community, we can help to informally educate and mobilize our fellow family members and close siblings, and formally can be worthy contributors to organizations dedicated to doing so, such as political organizations, lobbies, non-profit charitable and non governmental organizations, and even school districts and local governments. In all of these, our education as a citizen with some sociology knowledge can enable us to be more effective as citizens in sustaining our democracy.For instance, our country Malaysia is a multi-racial and also a multi-cultural country which consists of a population of about 32 million. Our country also practices various religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, just to name a few. With that said, this means that everyone must have mutual respect for each other’s culture and religion to live together peacefully and happily under the same roof. As many older generations may know,our country has a checkered past when it comes to racial equality.For instance,the May 13th 1969 incident which is caused by the Malaysian general election, 1969, when the ruling Alliance Party lost seats to the Chinese majority Democratic Action Party and Parti Gerakan.This incident has resulted in the happening of widespread rioting, protests, property damage, firefights and even murder.Official reports placed the amount of fatalities caused by the 196 riots, although Western diplomatic sources at the moment indicated a toll of nearly 600, with the majority of Chinese victims.This incident also resulted in the declaration of National Emergency by Yang di-Pertuan Agong.c) What are the benefits of studying sociology? That is, in what ways does understanding the social world makes you better prepared for your career?Studying sociology can enhance our understanding towards our colleagues and our supervisor or our boss in a manner where we can think from different perspective and not only blaming someone instead of ourselves to make ourselves feel better in a way.I believe that with the knowledge of sociology, I can communicate well with our colleagues in our company as a computer scientist which would require a lot of effective communication with my colleagues to increase the efficiency of my work as many hands make light work.For example,I can understand my colleague’s perspective on a practical computing problem instead of just refusing his thoughts and have the thought that my thoughts are more superior.In this way,I’m able to cultivate a good relationship with my colleagues and I’m able to enjoy working in a friendly environment where I’m able to rely on my colleagues for help when I find difficulty in solving a computing problem and not suffering on my own to solve the problem without the ability to be able to request for assistance from anyone.Moreover,I’m able to gain trust from my colleagues and earn respect in the organization or company by doing so.On the other hand,studying sociology also makes me better prepared for my career in a way that I’m able to design and create new products with my research team based on how the society uses this products and review on the feedback given on previously released products and think of this issue in a consumer’s perspective to improve the quality of the product and to give consumer’s a fair trade for it’s worth in money.I believe that our country’s economy can indirectly improve with the increase in demand on good-quality products released after understanding and implying the consumer’s suggestion from the previous products released that may not satisfy the customer’s need in a certain aspect.Besides, the understanding of the social world can also allow me to be better prepared for my career in the future in a way that I’m able to analyse problems and trace them to their core causes.This is because I’m assigned to analyse society’s problem nowadays and trace them to their core causes.For instance,why does society nowadays rely on their smartphones too much till they are unable to communicate face-to-face with their family members? This is a common issue in most of the household nowadays.This is because parents nowadays are mostly busy earning money to support their family and may neglect their child which may result in the parents purchasing smartphones for their child to allow them to fix their attention to in so they are able to work without any second thought of the child that may be brought with them to their workplace feeling bored.This may be one of the core causes for younger generation nowadays that has gone too addicted to their smartphones that they can’t communicate well face-to-face with their family members and friends.In a nutshell,studying sociology can actually benefit us in life and we are able to learn a lot of useful life lessons such as viewing issues from different viewpoints instead of just viewing it on our own perspective which we are able to apply in life as we step into the community and to begin our career.

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