Assignment 2 Essay

Assignment 2

1.Create a brief vision statement for your venture.


“A Digital w ay to manage all college events ”

The objective of this application is to develop a system that effectively manages all

the data related to the various events that take place in colleges and universities . The

purpose is to maintain a centralized database of all event s related information. The

goal is to support various functions and processes necessary to manage the data

efficiently. This system can store, maintain and retrieve data from its database very

efficiently and can be used for further analysis.

We are going to provide solution

fro m top level person of the handling an event to the bottom level person digitally

with the transparent process. Here one system admin will manage the user first time

and then convener of the event and respective head can add and remove respective

team member for each category. Event Coordinators can inform their team easily.

Also, two different categories or team s can communicate with each other very easily

like Purchase team can only purchas e when team like decoration team or event head

give them requirement first that what they need and then only purchase team can

purchase. Also purchase team have to deal with account and in reality, these

processes are time consuming and lengthy as well as not efficient for the large -scale

event. Our application going to provide almost all solution for each and everythi ng

to manage any small to large -scale event for beginner’s level to experience level

team members.

2.State the value proposition for t he venture.


“A visual and flexible way to connect, organize and handle college events”

These are some values that we offer.

Easy way of M anagement: The development of this new system contains the

following activities, which try to computerized the entire process keeping in the view

of database integration approach. Event information files can be stored in centralized

database which can be maintained by the system.

Device friendly System: User friendliness is provided within the application with

numerous controls furnished by using machine rich person interface . This system

provides the employees to manage the events systematically.

Data Accessible from Anywhere: This system provides the searching facilities

based on various factors such as events, organizers and attendees. It also shows and

tracks the information of activity, payment, organizers and attendees etc. It also

maintains all data safely.

Smart and Digital Approach: This system keeps User ’s personal, address , and

contact details. This system will provide online assist, help and search capabilities.

Authentication is provided for this application so only registered users can access.

Easy Inter Communication: Users can comm unicate with each other easily. Stay

connected with event organizers and community. Also provide and get feedback

from the users. It communicates the concrete results a user will get after using

different types of options and services.

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