Assignment 2 CIS 375 Essay

Assignment 2: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Chanel Wells

CIS 375

Professor Reginald Haseltine

November 4, 2019


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Assignment 2 CIS 375 Essay
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The cognitive social phenomena that has occurred in the context of MMORPG that does not take place in face-to-face games would be body language, facial expressions/race/sex, verbal expressions, deceiving expressions and names that are associated with a certain individual. When you are playing, the games your social perception is displayed on how you play the game or how you handle your interactions through the phone. These games can also be used for bullying when you can hide behind an avatar.

The gaming world has become so big and lucrative because of the discreet and fun way to play the games you love without leaving the house. The game I chose was Bingo; this is now my new hobby in real-life as well as on my phone.

The process of playing, winning or losing can make you become disappointed or mad when this happens face-to face things can often get out of hand and the expressions you usually do behind a screen becomes real.

For the Bingo game that I play, you are playing two other users to become first place to receive the money and in a certain time limit. There are avatars that do not have to look like you you can even be a baby if you want. The comparison of both games would be the attention, retention, production processing and motivational processing.

These four processing sequence can be used in Bingo; for example the ball with the number has to have your focus to dab it on the card. This can also be for checkers making sure you are paying close attention to the last and next move of your opponent. Retention will be the information that you recall and can duplicate later. For Bingo, this can be recalling of the letters so you will not have to look for the letter and the number to dab and be ready for the next number before it is called. For checkers you can observe your opponents strengths to use on them later to win. Production processing is closer to the same as the retention processing but you make it your own way to win or change a move that is similar to there’s but different because you tweak it. Checkers can follow the same sequence in order to be competitive and a winner. Lastly, motivational processing can help you in wanting to continue to play when there are individuals who want to duplicate your behavior of how to play the game.

When you are online playing these games your user interaction is only represented as online social interaction where people making long time friendships by chatting through the messengers. By doing so, this is crippling your overall social interaction when its face-to-face playing a game like Scrabble. Online Scrabble can be completed and won by cheating and face-to-face there is not a dictionary laying around to confirm the word you placed is Webster approved. Scrabble online you can be doing several things eating, talking on the phone, out on a date without the other person knowing. As for the face-to-face environment, it is more competitive especially when you have more people to join in and play. This is a great social event to make the necessary when you are trying to have those social interactions.

For both experiences scrabble could be fun or not fun depending on the individual preference of fun, educational definitely comes to mind when you choose to play this game even if you are using it on your phone or the actual board game. I have played Words with Friends numerous of times it became part of my day eventually, the environment did not faze me but it did make me feel socially awkward. I was playing the game so much I talked less to people face-to face or just wanted to text to still play the game. I also believe that game is educational as I mentioned but can also be used for other unauthorized use from other players. The game can be an excuse to not talk to others in social settings where you do not even know your coworkers name. This can lead to be standoffish or cold and the social behaviors become lost. The user interface requirements for the MMORPG environment the players want to have fun and easy experience in using the different gaming databases that are presented. The main requirements are the client and the server so your game can run and on a good flowing machine. The user interface (UI) stores all the buttons that are needed for you to contribute to the game. The server has several responsibilities like notifications if your character is attack what happens after that, calculating certain number of fights in order to win or lose shows the players how much they need in order to win. As I have saw and played Words with Friends and Bingo the groups better known as worlds and realms are separated on how well you do and compared with other users that are on the same level making it more fun. The other requirements of the user interface is of course the log in screen with your name and avatar and a messenger server where you can write messages to your opponents or someone on your team.


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