assgmnt 6 cloud computing Essay

NAME SANA ZUBAIRASSIGNMENT 5SUBMITTED TOLECTURER MAM AFSHEEN JALILREG NO 1325 BBA ITM 034COURSE TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESSSUBMITTED ON 24-02-2019HOW BUSINESS IS OPERATING BEFORE AND AFTER CLOUD COMPUTINGCloud computing is internet based computing where resources , software and information is shared to computers and also on other devices on demand. Like if we are running a company of 1000 employees the data and resources and software they use for any purpose of business like recording transactions etc so large amount of data have to store and very high tech software were used so cloud computing is basically used to store a large amount of data plus it give many services to its users like we use data base system and play many online games.

So you don’t have a need of any expertise to take control on technology. In cloud computing all details of users are stored. Like for example drop box . customers use cloud computing on a pay as they use basis.

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assgmnt 6 cloud computing Essay
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Cloud providers are google , Microsoft , yahoo , amazon . so these are the cloud computing providers. If user want to use cloud computing model then to accesses cloud computing model user must have internet connection to avail the services of cloud computing. Whether u have any know how of these resources or not.HISTORY OF CLOUD COMPUTING Its concept originated from telecommunication companies when they change to virtual private network (VPN)IN 1999 start delivering applications through web. IN 2002 Amazon launches Amazon web services (AWS).IN 2006 there comes google docs, Amazon elastic compute clouds.Then in 2008 : EUCLYPTUS.2009: Microsoft Azure and much more Because now a days everything comes on clouds The delivery of cloud computing involves multiple cloud components communicating with each other over application programming interfaces like -112395445703Cloud SERVICE 00Cloud SERVICE 671830282448003962400125028CLOUD PLATFORMM00CLOUD PLATFORMM261486344587000 4395538-2566740625643-25667403641558138096CLOUD STORAGE00CLOUD STORAGE-224790142875CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE00CLOUD INFRASTRUCTUREThese are the components of cloud computing .TYPES OF CLOUD COMPUTING PUBLIC CLOUDPublic clouds that are generally available tp public by a service provider these includes amazon Microsoft and google. In this model customer have no visibility or control that where these structures are located 2- PRIVATE CLOUD Private cloud is used by a particular organization and it cannot be shared to other organization. It has power to secure and control data which a public cloud does not contain.3-HYBRID CLOUDIt is a composition of two or more clouds i.e public cloud , private cloud.ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTINGCompanies can save big amount of money by cloud computing as it exclude or minimized the cost of hardware and software.Cloud computing provides an easy access to data as it makes data much organized.Cloud computing save our time and money as compared to traditional method of buying hardware component.It increase our storage capacity as it store a lot of data as compared to personal computer.It ability of automatic updating save companies time.It allows users to customize business application.DISADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTINGIT makes us dependent on provider.It needs constant internet connection to work if there is no internet we cannot get access to it.There is a great rick of privacy.It diminishes customer trust.How business work before cloud computing and after cloud computing In book THE EVERYTHING STORE According to brad stone You go back in time a hundred years, if you wanted to have electricity, You had to built your own little electric power plant, and a lot of factories did this. As soon as the electric power grid came online, they dumped their electric power generator, and they started buying power of the grid. That what is happening with infra structure computing Cloud computing in business help to access data any any time from any place so it take minimum time to access any file from its location but all these happen due to internet if there is no internet there is no cloud computing . like for home we generally stoe our data on hardware and softare and we also easily get access to it but cloud cpmpting help us to access data outside computing environment as all the data is stored in cloud in cloud computing these includes applications ,databases . but as described that cloud computing have many types so in business before entering data u have to choose which type of cloud computing is best for u to run business .either to choose public cloud , private cloud , hybrid cloud. As we have learn above about automatic updating of cloud computing so in business we don’t have to update every application we use another benefit of cloud computing is of backing up data automatically so our system become safe from hackers or any, companies don’t have to worry about security, software updates.. CONCLUSIONWe are using different applications of cloud computing in or daily basis like fr students they use Microsoft features to do assignments and Google for getting knowledge of everything or every event or of every place in the world. And for business employees use cloud computing applications for giving presentations and for storing data . So its really a great thing it has change the entire business world .As its a way to avail maximum resources with minimum cost.Through cloud computing we get easily access on any thing with less effort.It helps in protecting data.In future it seems that there will be no business that is operating without cloud computing. Because new technologies are being exposing day by day like through Artificial intelligence robots are being innovated so its seems that there is no such need of expertise .It also seems that in future in hybrid cloud there is more enhancement in security were introduced to secure data without any risk REFERENCES

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