Assessment and Diagnosis

Please address the following areas on the provided template:
State the clinical certification and target population including setting ( Psychaiatric-Mental health nurse, you may choose the population and setting)
Thorough discussion of why this certification was selected in relationship to the selected setting
Describe the criteria for selected clinical certification

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Assessment and Diagnosis
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Assessment and Diagnosis

Process to obtain clinical certification
Cost of application and testing
Requirements prior to certification
Examination description
Renewal time and process
Required items for renewal
Provide APA reference for one peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article connecting patient outcomes, certification, and leadership skills.
In English
Summarize findings of article
Summarize the key points of the selected peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article in one or two paragraphs.
Be clear and concise.
Discuss how patient outcomes in the selected setting could be improved by certified nurses.
Discuss how certification can impact leadership skills in the selected setting.
Identify a problem (diagnosis) based on your assessment
Write the problem diagnosis (See template)

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