Assessment 3 Making a changeAustralia’s asylum seeker policy needs to changeAsylum seekers Essay

Assessment 3: Making a changeAustralia’s asylum seeker policy needs to changeAsylum seekers are individuals who, are faced with persecution or threats to their life, escape their homes and nations. These individuals require all the compassion and support they can receive so why is it that we don’t allow these people in seek of shelter in our country of affluence? As Australians, are we not proud to care for the disadvantaged and the vulnerable? Australia is one of the many nations that signed the United Nations Convention in 1951.

That describes a refugee as a individual who is outside his or her nation of nationality or habitual residence and has a fear of being mistreated because of his or her race, religion, citizenship or involvement of a specific social group or has a distinct political view that no one can assist. So it seems quite hypocritical that we are signing this convention, yet we are turning a cold shoulder towards the approaching asylum seekers and claiming we can not assist them.

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Assessment 3 Making a changeAustralia’s asylum seeker policy needs to changeAsylum seekers Essay
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This insinuates that Australia is a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, which implies that a individual can seek asylum in Australia by vessel or by plane, accompanied by or lacking papers, and that they do not breach any law. Any rational individual would apprehend that turning our backs on someone who needs help is unorthodox and uncultured. has developed an almost uniquely cruel asylum seeker policy over the previous 30 years. the end of 2015, the amount of refugees fleeing either conflict, oppression or natural disaster, according to the united nations, reached a staggering 65 million. ()This encompasses asylum seekers seeking shelter for grounds of war or politics. This international crisis has never been used on a scale like this before, has raised significant concern for western countries in terms of security and the legislation regarding refugees. Many techniques were allegedly used to track asylum seekers ‘ entry to guarantee the country’s safety. The intentions behind certain techniques of incorporating the displaced population safely, however, are dubious. ultimately, Australian legislation regarding the processing o refugees requires modification for it to accord with the united nations, and therefore Australias notions of human rights. Finally, Australian law on the treatment of refugees needs modification or agreement with the United Nations, thus Australia with regard to UN policies, the impact of the law on stakeholders, the strengths and constraints of international law,And how regulatory changes will benefit Australian society will all be looked at will determine the key problem and solution. The Australian government and individuals will have to realise the variety of advantages that are accessible to refugees, not only at domestic level, but at global level. Australia, asylum seekers ‘ human rights are breached in the Human Rights Declaration, such as Articles 5 and 25. Article 5 says that ‘ No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or penalty. ‘ This article has been infringed in Australia detention centres where asylum seekers are sent. policy of detaining Nauru and Manus Island asylum seekers has had catastrophic effects on those topic to it. This includes:Deteriorating mental health, including: very elevated rates of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder ; alarming threatened or real self-harm incidents ; and elevated suicide risk. Deteriorating physical health owing to bad living circumstances, restricted access to medical services and physicians, and limitations on transfers of persons back to Australia by the Immigration Department (including family separation). Continued and escalated claims of sexual abuse and other severe harms, including fear of security in detention centers and in the community.Increasing deportation patterns and ‘ voluntary returns ‘ despite a absence of fair process and a clear risk of damage. Separated families between Australia and the islands, with no present hope of resolution.The regime for offshore processing costs more than A$ 1 billion annually, more than A$ 464,000 annually per individual. Since the reemergence of offshore processing in 2012, more than A$ 5 billion has been spent by the Australian government on actions that have affected individuals seeking protection.At offshore pro-cessing centers or in communities, the expectation of basic safety can not be met. This is obvious from the fatalities over the previous four years of nine individuals: one was killed and eight others died as a consequence of insufficient health care and/or suicide.The proposed policy solution is for Australia to finish offshore processing and instead is stopping all onshore individuals. Australia stops the practice of “returning ships” and instead offers search and rescue ; works with the region to ensure secure disembarkation / reception and security. Australia finishes its strategy to imprisonment and deterrence and reacts in line with its obligations under the Refugee Convention to individuals seeking asylum.This can be achieved by making the situation of those presently in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru is urgently resolved to end their long-running suffering. Closure of all offshore detention, processing and transit facilities funded by Australia in turn bringing all refugees and asylum seekers to Australia while determining on lasting alternatives. The perfect choice would be for Australia to solve this problem by itself rapidly Bringing all trapped individuals to Australia’s security on Nauru and PNG and Ensuring that all requests for asylum are evaluated reasonably and promptly providing on going protection and recognition or those effected. Other options; Although not ideal, yet are still better choices could be; An accelerated U.S. resettlement agreement that solves the problem for most individuals. Small numbers o refugees resettled elsewhere, like New Zealand or other countries near by that can hold them. People with family connections being supported in other nations abroad for resettlement If there is a wider regional vision and enhanced dedication to refugee resettlement,Proposed end result that our country needs is that Asylum seekers in Australia are treated fairly and with respect for their human rights. Mandatory, in-de-nite detention finishes and individuals seeking security are free to live in the Australian society while their claims are processed in a transparent manner. A well-designed triage method based on risk is being introduced. has turned a blind eye to the reality that one of the reasons for asylum seekers leaving their nation of origin is the danger of persecution and their treatment here in Australia is unfair. A more flexible scheme should be provided by the Australian government. Asylum seekers have not come to be incarcerated in Australia, yet we treat them as criminals. What they really did wrong, but they wanted to find a better life for themselves and their family.

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