Assessing the effects on service users of three different Essay

Assessing the effects on service users of three different discriminatory practices in a sexual health clinic


This is an article about older gay men unmotivated to get tested for HIV due to homophobia. Research shows that 37% of men who are HIV positive in scotland are undiagnosed. This article is an example of NHS staff treating someone unequally and bullying them as they aren’t respecting or tolerating their diverse service users.

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Assessing the effects on service users of three different Essay
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Long term effects

Older gay men may have longer recovery time.

They feel that they shouldn’t go to the sexual health clinics as they get bullied for their sexuality. This could also lead to spread of diseases as a patient who is HIV positive may be undiagnosed and not know. However, if a patient who knows that they are HIV positive despite not being diagnosed for it, will result in lack of socialising. They can no longer be sexually active, and start distancing themselves from their loved ones, which can lead to mental health issues because of loneliness.

Short term effects

Short term effects can be loss of rights as the equality act protects these patients. It states that everyone should be treated equally and not be discriminated against based on their characteristics. They can also feel marginalised and excluded from society leading to low self esteem and not willing to accept their identity. These can all result to mental health issues and depression, as an individual would constantly question themselves and not feel free to express their sexuality.


This article is about an 88 year old woman who sued the NHS after losing her job. She’s never taken a day off 10 years straight even though she had a cardiac arrest in her work environment. Royal Berkshire Hospital claimed she didn’t know how to use a computer. The NHS admitted to unfairly releasing her as she wasn’t given an opportunity. She said: “I felt as though he had assumed that at my age and because of my health I was a liability and incapable of change and had to go.” The employer had released her on a small action leading to false judgement about her based on lack of knowledge, making her story about prejudice.

Short term effects

Jolly felt disempowered, as they took away her rights of not being discriminated against and used it to make their own decision. This will make her want to regain her power, confidence and rights from the NHS hence why she sued them.

Long term effects

Many old people suffer from judgments and typical stereotypes which make them feel marginalised. Losing her job and hobby means she became isolated and socially unavailable to her work colleagues. She may of had responsibilities to take care of, without a job it’ll make her feel worthless and lonely, which could lead to depression and mental health issues.

Infringement of rights

This article is about the NHS being fined ?180,000 after they exposed up to 800 patient’s details who attended the HIV clinic. Emails were meant to be sent to individuals however the employer accidentally sent it as a group email, resulting in the violation of the data protection act.

Long term effects

As sexual health clinics are quite local, some of the patients would know each other and now know one another’s business. If some patients were keeping this information between themselves, the breach of information leaves patients no choice but to tell family and friends about it.

Short term effects

For patients, this is even more stress as they may feel embarrassed. This could lead to negative behaviour such as aggression.

Key Terms

Prejudice – Judging someone based on some action. This tends to be on lack of


Bullying – Is when a person or a group of people continuously and deliberately cause harm to another.

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