Assessing Equality Among Men And Women Sociology Essay

This gender issue has been excited topic to our society. Arguments have been hovering over people on whom between men and women are the great and should receive credit. Rationally, looking the issue in a brighter perspective men and women has their own separate traits and attributes that can be positively assessed in our society. The politically-correct aim for ‘equality’ between ‘men’ and ‘women’ is not achievable. It is utterly impossible. It will never be found. It will never be discovered.

The search for ‘equality’ between ‘men’ and ‘women’ is a never-ending war between ‘men’ and ‘women. The more forceful and active the irrational search for equality between men and women, the more aggressive and energetic will be the war between two genders. Both genders claim that they are better than the other. Different views, different opinions actually set off their individuality

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Assessing Equality Among Men And Women Sociology Essay
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Nowadays capabilities of women cannot be hindered. We should honor their hard work and achievements that had taken almost two centuries to achieve and a life time to be granted the acceptance of men.

They are starting to beat men in terms of leadership; such evidence is those female presidents from other countries. Women who have achieved great importance in government, industry, sports, and the media and have become a well-known sight and yet, it appears that there is no clear public understanding of the realities of women’s and girls’ lives in this earth. Women declare that they are equal to men and curiously enough when asked in what way are they equal they mention that they can do all that men do; they can be doctors, lawyers and so on and that because of these factors they are equal or should be considered equal .In short what they are saying is that the criteria that should be used to judge their equality is their ability to perform in male activities and to imitate men in terms of mind duo.

In our present society today, considering the Arabic culture women are definitely submissive to men, would it be an exemption to what other feminist organization are trying to fight for? That women and men should received equal opportunities in the society. The Teachings of Islam diminish the theoretical belief of discrimination between men and women as human beings. It also diminish any discrimination between them before the law and in social rights, and Islam meant that men and women be equal in that respect seems to be one of the primary factors these days in discrimination against women and putting men into predominance. Fewer women work and head up households which inspires men to do well in his job. In a way or so, religions, cultures and traditions may somehow affect this issue. Equality may be given or manifested in a different way. Women inspire men, while men turns into a good provider having a good wife beneath his wings.

Numerous studies and statistics show that even though the situation for women has improved during the last century, discrimination is still widespread: women earn less than men, occupy lower-ranking job positions than men, and do most of the housekeeping work. Stereotype belief that men in nature have strong disposition in life and have the word of honor to keep. They are good on strategic planning and very decisive which makes the crowd patronize on giving their votes.

But let us not have a bias view on this issue, let us view this from a genetics and reproductive systems point of view, for one may argue that this whole rivalry between men and women can be partially blamed on the differences in genetics. For instance sexual dimorphism which happens to exists because of differences in genetics that cause men and women to have different traits, such as physical height or muscle mass. For example the phrase “Fire-Fighters” has been put in order to implement an idea that women are capable of performing the job, but let us face the true facts here, one a firefighter has to be big and strong to be able to aid himself and other people mainly in times of distress, a job certainly that cannot be done by a high-percentage of women, therefore if you check most fire departments you can clearly see what a none to low amount of women exist in this line of duty.

Also the differences between men and women should be seen from the differences of the man and woman’s brain structure because certainly there is a great difference that cannot be disregarded. The Cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain that deals with complex analysis and critical thinking, which is connected to the Corpus callosum which connects the two halves of our brains together. Now the main issue here is Corpus callosum is larger with women, which means that women are better at using both sides of their brains at once, no questions asked, unlike men who is so bad at multi-tasking that he can watch television and may forget to listen to anything but the television, this may show why women can do many things at once without growing tired. The Structural differences cause each gender also to have differences in emotions and thinking. In theory men are more focused when it comes to things they need, but women are not, for the sake of clearing things up consider a man and a woman each in need of a new shirt, a man will go to the shop get a shirt and go back home instantly, but a female will go to the shop buy a shirt and get distracted and see other things that she does need and possibly buy it. This may explain why men are better at math and science or well focusing on one issue and why they are more likely to get better results while doing any job that requires extreme focus on one issue, since this genetic build may be seen as a flaw in a woman, but again there are many factors that may be choosen to evaluate differences between men and women.

Gender role theory posits that boys and girls learn the appropriate behavior and attitudes from the family and overall culture they grow up with, and such acquired traits are their manifest their functions in our society.

Equality when it comes to gender, on my point of view is not an issue. The stereotype that man is favored most than women maybe somehow true if we look on the trends with our society. But feminism may have their right to insist that they can do better than men. For me the main issue is how are we people contributes to be a good citizen in our society. Are we using our talents and education in a proper manner or are we part of the juvenile delinquency. Equality on men and women would still be an issue till the next generation, and arguments would still be on discussed by all people. The search for ‘equality’ between ‘men’ and ‘women’ is like a dog chasing its own tail. It will always be out of reach. And the very act of chasing it is costing us a great deal and causing tremendous damage to us.

The solution that we need to seek is not ‘equality’ – because it will never be found. The best that can be hoped for is that people are happy with what is happening. Finally, neither men nor women need to be ‘equal’ to each other in order to be happy with each other

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