Assess whether unions are still relevant today.

In a personal opinion, trade unions are still relevant in the society and business environmental set up as they have consistently focused on the issues that cover and enhances on various entitlements (Doellgast, 2012). Trade unions are also significant in the modern day since they make available an outlet for the satisfaction of employees wants through their joint practice, and lowering the insight of discrimination since the whole benefits acquired are distributed equitably among workers irrespective of their political stands. Moreover, trade unions are relevant since they make available a sound organizational system for the orderly resolution of disputes through the grievance system where the wants of employees are adequately represented and handled professionally. Even though, the relevance of trade unions is sometimes failing through the perception that these trade unions do not operate in the best interest of employees due to political affiliation and other related issues.


Doellgast, V. (2012). Disintegrating democracy at work: labor unions and the future of good jobs in the service economy. Cornell University Press.

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