Assesment Essay

AssessmentEvaluate the organisation within its broader environment using appropriate environmental and organisational analysis techniques.

Political- Tribal will need to adapt the organisation if we leave the EU. Brexit and uncertainty in trade means instability in all aspects of life. If international student numbers drop, universities lose money and therefore spend less on software and systems. However, if a gap becomes more noticeable with a drop in international students, Tribal can identify the gap and find out where the students are going instead of coming to the UK.

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Assesment Essay
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We have offices globally and if work-based learning is becoming more successful in international countries we will investigate taking our services thereby they are using our software and system. The positive impact this has if unfortunately, the case does appear where international student population drops, we can alternatively take the software to them.

Economic- Tribal group is a public limited company (PLC) this means that it is a limited liability company whose shares may be traded and sold to public with a minimum share capital.

Considering this, it means that if share prices fluctuate, this could affect the company’s profits and therefore ability to develop. Tribal group is currently in the AIM stock market which is a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). AIM help’s smaller and growing companies to raise the capital they need for expansion.

Social – the advantages of Tribal being in the market in education services means that we will always have a customer market as it is compulsory for children and young adults to be in education. While schools, colleges and universities have students then we will always have a market for our software. On the other hand, unfortunately our software is most popular for higher and further education which is aged 16+. However, the government has changed the procedure that children must stay in education up until the age of 18 and this year 353,960 people from across the UK and 26,400 international students have been accepted to start university this academic year. As high as that number is this year the figures have in fact dropped by 2%. If for some reason the student population suddenly dropped, then we would be massively affected and would have to adapt our organisation to the new culture.

Technological – Tribal has a benefit when it comes to technological factor. As we do not sell hardware, we sell services. We provide an education service software which is flexible and compatible on any devices not just locked onto one. Fortunately, if we ever must change suppliers for our cables, laptops, computers, and hard drives our service will not be affected as it is compatible on all makes and brands. As technology is developing so is Tribal to keep up with trends and the maturity of technology. Our software is at an advantage as when the systems and monitors update our software will update at the same time.

Legal – GDPR massively affects tribal, especially in a legal perspective as the market we work in involves customers of children, young adults and a large amount of student information. This could potentially open any lawsuits in the future if any data is breached. A data breach is a security circumstance in which personal information was accessed without authorisation. This could result in the company facing a huge fine and a lawsuit being opened against them. Health and safety also affect the law as if anyone has serious accident they could open a law suit against Tribal, if Tribals insurance is inadequate it will not protect an employee in the event of an accident and this can cause a huge uproar in the legal side as employees are promised safety whilst at work.

Environment – Tribal is a very green company as we recycle all paper at all our offices globally. As we are a service online, we minimise paper anyway and any paper we do use we do recycle. In all offices we have different types of bins for paper and cardboard, for mixed plastics and general waste. We also promote health and wellbeing in our offices which encourages a healthy environment for staff to work in which improves way of life at work. If the staff are happy then the workload quality will increase.

I believe that Tribal group is a very green and strong company to work for as they take care of their staff to ensure good quality of life at work and they are also developing and adapting to the future and technology. Customers and their data are crucially protected. I believe to follow all the laws and procedures tribal must hire the correct staff in all aspects and with the great expanding team we have now we will be able to overcome any threat or weakness.

Examine the implications of the policies, procedures and legal requirements that are relevant to your area of work.

As part of my new job and apprenticeship here at Tribal I have had to complete various health and safety training.

GDPR is now very relevant to me and my area of work. In the last 18 months GDPR has become largely involved in organisations. I must protect mark all my documents and print outs, lock my computer any time I move away from my desk and make sure any personal belongings are locked away in my set of draws only I have the key for. Unfortunately, GDPR takes a lot of time to manage and follow the law, which means less time on business development.

On our employee Tribal hub website, we have a section called ‘Policies and Governance’ this section of the website has over 50 documents to print or download regarding any legal policies for our workplace. You can also view information about governance in Tribal, your rights and responsibilities as a Tribal citizen, access management systems for information security, data protection, health and safety, manage your risks in the risk register and access your compliance and GDPR training. I believe this is a good idea to have copies of important legal documents for staff to access when they are unsure of something. This gives staff peace of mind. Fire safety is taken very seriously at Tribal as we are all shown the fire exits and our fire safety point on our first day. Every Thursday between 9:30 and 10:30 we test the fire alarm weekly.

Safeguarding is ensuring that young children and vulnerable adults are safe and live free from abuse, harm and neglect. For example, it is not just children it can in fact apply to anyone, examples of vulnerable adults can include the elderly, those with mental health issues, learning or physical disabilities. Employees at Tribal are all legally required to have a clearance check before starting our roles as we will eventually be going on site to customers at colleges, schools and universities and work-based learning centres.

‘British Government Prevent strategy’ – As of my new job role I am identified as someone who may encounter a vulnerable person who could potentially be exposed to extremist views which could lead to terrorist activity. This means I can now identify and manage such situations if ever met, report any threats and to always maintain my personal safety. All staff at Tribal have received this training as it is a legal procedure for us all to have this.

Evaluate the cultural and ethical behaviour present in the organisation.

Firstly, Tribal’s environment is very professional yet relaxed. In comparison to my previous job in a very noisy office, Tribal’s Sheffield office where I am based is very pleasant, quiet, tranquil and undisturbed. For example, on Tribal’s website there is a quote of “the atmosphere in our offices are welcoming and friendly” which I totally agree with. The Sheffield office is made up of five different teams: professional services (my team); cloud services; support team; human resources; and the tech team. Although each team is in separate areas of the office, we can all freely interact with each other and the other areas of the office. Interaction within the company is hugely encouraged and to engage in other aspects of the business. Also, we work collaboratively, and everyone’s ideas are valued, as we are all encouraged to put new ideas forward and work together.

New staff are allocated a ‘Buddy’, someone with a lot of working experience with Tribal to be a familiar face, for questions/queries and to essentially help and be a friend at work. This has had a positive impact on my starting journey with Tribal, as I now have a reliable person to go to with any queries I may have whenever my line manager is not in the office. My colleagues and I have been assigned buddies in different areas to our job role. For example, my Buddy Ricky has worked in the support team for 12 years.

Secondly, Tribal is committed to employees’ health and wellbeing. They provide wellbeing days with puppies coming into work, yoga sessions, full body massages and weekly fruit hampers are provided in all the offices. This brings positivity and relaxation to Tribal’s culture, encouraging a healthy state of mind. In turn, this makes the employees workload increase as they are relaxed and de-stressed. Tribal also provides a daily cleaner who washes all the crockery in all kitchens, so this takes pressure off employees: less likelihood of arguments with colleagues with whose turn it is as this has happened before at previous jobs. Furthermore, employees’ working time is not wasted on cleaning tasks.

Finally, security is one of the most important parts of culture at Tribal. All employees wear a security pass with the values around their lanyard, which is a sensible idea: if an employee were to lose their lanyard, no one could identify the company and gain entry. All visitors must be booked in prior to the reception team for them to organize security passes. Visitors have a red security pass which limits accessibility and cannot be left alone in a room someone must always be with them.

Evaluate own cultural and ethical behaviour in relation to the organisation

Tribal is an ethical company and care a lot about their staff and believe that health is important to work. In the same, way I believe in working hard and giving support to those around me. I have a strong family orientated culture and in a similar way, Tribal’s employees behave like a family, working together and supporting each other. I have been brought up to always be honest and tell the truth. I am the same person at home and at work: reliable and consistent. In my opinion presenting myself the same at home at work is a positive thing as I constantly carry the same behaviours and don’t confuse myself by ‘switching’ Some people may say this is a negative thing as some people like to have home and work separate. However, I do keep my home and working life separate, but I do like my ethical behaviour and moral code to be consistent throughout my stages of life. I feel as though I clearly know the difference between wrong and right, although unfortunately some people lack this basic moral, I would never be little someone who has the different ethical behaviour to me. For example, at my workstation, if one my colleagues in my team has said or done something I don’t agree with I will remain non-judgemental and professional. Tribal’s ethics support being non-judgemental.

Propose how to uphold the ethical standards across the organisation

I would propose to always uphold a professional and moral code across my professional career. I am a very ethical person outside of work also. My family have brought me up a certain way and I will always demonstrate my family’s values. When presenting these across the organisation especially with customers on site or doing training this is when you should particularly present yourself in the most appropriate and executive way. The way you present yourself to a customer largely reflects on the company you work for regardless, if you leave your workplace while still having your lanyard or during work hours you are still representing Tribal. I believe to treat every customer and work colleague with respect, you should treat people how you expect to be treated yourself.

The clich? of ‘the customer is always right’ has a lot of truth. Even when a customer’s ethics conflict with my own, I cannot allow this to affect our relationship and interaction. However, it’s also important to bear in mind that I should not be led to do something unethical. As frustrating this can be, the customer is never in the wrong and you must adapt yourself in these situations to try and meet the customer’s needs. If unfortunately something is wrong, whether this be timing, location, software or anything else business related whenever you come in contact with the customer on the phone or directly and they are unhappy/upset you must not react by changing your attitude and ethics towards the person or the situation. You should always demonstrate the company’s and your personal values consistently regardless of the situation. The impact of doing this allows you to be a role model for the company by always showing professionalism throughout the organisation. By doing this, it shows a huge part of my job at Tribal is to always be inspired by our company’s values.

Trustworthy -Being a trustworthy colleague or key person to a customer is a compulsory value to have. To be relied on as an honest and truthful person is a basic human moral. The customers you visit should be able to rely on you and build a rapport with you and the business. Alongside this your work colleagues also need to be able to trust you to be honest. Being a trustworthy person really helps form and maintain relationships. For example, my line manager Sara is very trustworthy as I confided a personal problem with her, and she asked if it was okay with me to advise someone from HR regarding this as they could offer me extra support. By confirming it was okay with me for her to discuss with someone else this made me feel like she is a very honest and I believe it has helped form a professional and truthful relationship.

Dedication – Being a dedicated colleague, friend, partner, mother, entails having the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. To have this quality you must do everything you can as an individual to fulfil the end goal. You should not want to give up and motivate yourself to finish the task, purpose or situation the correct and ethical way. Showing dedication shows customers that you are a committed to your job and will go out of your way (when appropriate) to help others and get the job finished to a high standard.

Accountable – An Accountable person is very responsible for their own actions and decisions. They do not try and justify what they have done and why or even try and cover it up. To be considered an accountable person then you must be expected to honour and own up to your actions and decisions and make these independently and not rely on another individual to make these decisions for them. Tribal is responsible and accountable for their customers and are always prepared to decide when something needs to be done or altered.

Pioneering – If you want to appear to as a pioneering person then you must allow yourself to be first or the lead of any field, progress or enterprise. You have a passion to take control and act first and try and influence others around you to also do this. Pioneers constantly strive to reach their goals. Tribal is a pioneering company as it is constantly predicting new gaps in the marketplace and has inspirations about ideas that can be successful in the future.

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