Assertion Journal – Quote by Anais Nin Essay

In this quote, Nin is stating the idea that women expect other people to accomplish the tasks that the woman wants. This shows that women are able to take advantage of other people in that they manipulate them to do their bidding. Although, these actions would imply the intelligence of females, it also expresses that women are lethargic and conniving. Overall, it is morally wrong for women to expect men to do their bidding, it is not beneficial for women to rely on others for their wants and needs, and it can be seen in the events of Piggy Shippen.

Despite the logic in this statement, it is wrong for women to control others in the way that they do. Generally, it is considered immoral to bend individuals to your will.

Self-sufficiency is also another important argument against the quote and is a crucial aspect of survival because reliance is weak and allows other people to control you. Now, this creates a sort of a paradox where women believe they are in control when in reality they aren’t because they are heavily dependent on others.

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