As far as use or misuse of sword and power is concerned Essay

As far as use or misuse of sword and power is concerned, historical data is there to prove that who killed brutally and how many? Sufferers in all of the battles of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in twenty combats throughout nine years are entirely reaching between 386 to 203 of non-Muslims and 183 of Muslims, comparing to the number of the fatalities of the Christian religion confrontations between the Christians, catholic and protestant groups in Europe. It is said that the total casualties had risen up to ten millions, which is approximately 40% of the residents of the central Europe.

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As far as use or misuse of sword and power is concerned Essay
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All of the Islamic takeovers were against the armies of the Roman and Persian occupations that encroached and conquered the kingdoms of the east religiously, traditionally, linguistically, diplomatically, and civilizational for almost ten centuries. Furthermore, no battle broke out between the Islamic armed forces and the residents of the eastern countries, while the casualties of the two occupational western wars, the First World War and the Second World War, in the 20th century only were more approx sixty millions.

When the Islamic invasions freed the land, it also freed the hearts and beliefs of the people along with it. So after the religious oppression that had been done by the Romans against the eastern Christianity, Islam left the people free in their lives and beliefs. That religious oppression was always used in setting examples and dating the eastern churches for the age of the sacrifices till now.

An English orientalist George Sale (1697-1736 a.d.), who translated the noble Quran into English, said: “the religion of Muhammad received unparalleled warm welcome all over the world. Whoever says that Islam spread by the power of the sword, his word is a pure allegation and vulgar error.”70

This is one of the witnesses of the non-Muslim scholar. There are many more can be added for historic proofs and realties. Many non-Muslims scholars declare that those were the biased and unfair people, who outburst about what they don’t know and claim that Islam was spread by sword. These allegations have nothing to do with the fact, objectivity and fairness.

11: Another false allegation is that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) permitted Muslims to steal from non-Muslims:

Muslims cannot steal from one another. However, the same thing is not applicable of unbelievers. Property rights for the unbelievers were only at the discretion of their Muslim rulers. Disbelievers often had their property stolen from them by Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) troopers, which sometimes included wives and children.

Above Claim is a merely a propaganda against Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The basic Rule is that a Muslim Cannot steals neither from Muslims nor from non-Muslims. It is completely forbidden in Islam, The only exclusion from this prohibition made by the Islamic law is the wealth of disbelievers who are waging warfare against the Muslims. There is a Prophetic narration; in that it was narrated that al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’bah had a company with some people during the era of ignorance (Jaahiliyyah). He murdered them and grabbed their wealth. After some time, he came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and embraced Islam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “As for your Islam, I accept it, and as for the wealth, I have nothing to do with it.”71 According to a report narrated by Abu Dawood, “As for your Islam, we accept it, and as for the wealth it is obtained through treachery, and we have no need of it.”72

The phrase “and as for the wealth, I have nothing to do with it” means, I will not touch it because it was acquired through betrayal. What we learn from this is that it is not at all allowed to take the treasure of the disbelievers by treason when they have relied on you and granted you safety, because when people go with one another, when travelling, they do so on the basis of mutual reliance, and that reliance should not be deceived, whether the other person is a Muslim or a non-Muslim. The wealth of the non-Muslims is only acceptable in the case of battle and confrontation. Imam Al-Shaafi said: When a Muslim arrives the non-Muslim lands on peaceful terms, and finds himself in position to take something from their property, it is not allowed for him to take it, whether it is a little or a lot, because if he is harmless from them, they should also be harmless from him, and because it is not allowed for him to take anything from them when they have given him protection apart from what it is allowed for him to take from the wealth of the Muslims and non-Muslims living under the safeguard of the Muslim state. Wealth may be prohibited for a many of reasons;

If the owner is a Muslim or if the owner is a non-Muslim but living under the shelter of the Muslim state. If the owner is one with whom there is a peace deal, until the deal finishes; such people are considered to be like Ahl al-Dhimmah as far as the sanctity of their wealth is concerned, until the deal expires.

It is not at all good for a Muslim who is on the peaceful terms with them to deceive them, because treachery is haram in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Every betrayer will have a banner by his backside on the Day of Resurrection, by which his betrayal will be known.” If he deceives them and steals their wealth, and carries it to the Muslim lands, it is not correct for a Muslim to purchase from him if he has any information about that, because he has acquired it in an wicked means, and purchasing from him will give him encouragement to do next time, which it is not correct for the Muslim to do so.73 The basic norm in this issue is the hadeeth of al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’bah, which we have discussed above; when he killed his companions and carried their wealth to Madeena and became Muslim, and asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to take some of his wealth, and then he said, “As for your Islam, we accept it, and as for the wealth it is obtained through treachery, and we have no need of it.”74

Conclusion: At the end of my thesis, I sum up the lesson. There is lots of fabricated propaganda, which have been circulated among the masses to defame Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Particularly, people from the west have propagated him as a ‘false prophet’ or ‘warlord’, who spread his religion with the sword. They have always seen Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a threatening figure to their religion and to their false sovereignty and supremacy. We should accept that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a true Prophet of Allah, whom Allah has sent down the revelation in the form of holy Quran; which is not only a book of Allah but also guidance to the whole of humanity. He neither was a man of war nor he was a pedophilic. He established Islam on bases of peace and harmony. He took sword either to maintain harmony in the society or for self-defense. He did all his marriages with the wisdom of Allah and there was a rational behind every marriage, not to fulfill his sexual desire. He also married to Aisha at a very young age with the wisdom of Allah and according to the normal tradition of that society in that era. However, he consummated marriage with her, when she reached her puberty. He was not inspired by devil at all, rather he is true Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) sent to us to show the path of the righteous. Despite he was an illiterate man, he could produce such an eloquent statements, that so called literate and great scholars of Arabic language could not produce a single verse like him. That’s itself is the proof of that Quran is sent by Allah. The prejudiced western authors focus themselves on his warring years only and criticize him for it. However, when seen his biography and the history of Islam, he was a man of peace. A good place to start is with the figure of Muhammad (peace be upon him), who fights facile, ideologically-driven classification, who sometimes did things that was tough or next to impossible for us, but who had thoughtful genius and established a religion and cultural tradition that was not based on the sword but peace, whose name is Islam. The lack of trust between the non-Muslims and Muslim world is due to lack of knowledge about the Prophet of Islam. In order to understand Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his character, one must first learn the biography of the Prophet with an unbiased view.

I hope this will help people to clear their doubts regarding the false claims made by the non-Muslims on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to know and understand the great figure of Islam in a positive and respected way. Truth and good thing in this writing is from Allah and any shortcoming is from my side. May Allah guide us the path of the righteous, accept our good deed and forgive our sins.

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