PAPER TOPIC FORM on TEXTILE Object dated 1800-1950


  1. IDENTIFY the title of the artwork/artist/textile that you chose. Include a small digital image with this form.

Artwork/Artist/Textile 1

  1. Who is the artist and maker’s country? It’s OK if unknown.


  1. Where is the artwork located today?


  1. Date of object: (must be between 1800-1950)


  1. What website did you find? (What museum or class PowerPoint?) Provide link here:





What interests you in this textile object? Why did you choose it? What are you interested in finding out?  For example, are you interested in craft practice? Ceremonial use? Daily use? Dyes? Process of making? Cultural community – the function of the object? Reuse? Recycle? Technology?








Do you have a thesis statement idea? (optional but useful)



Write a short Formal analysis – 12 font, double spaced, about 8-12 sentences, include the date, country where made, artist name


Finally, Create a short power point with a) related images, b) “label” info about the textile/object, c) your short formal analysis (description), d) thesis slide (what question is driving your research?), e) research bullet points f) connect it to modern period or other idea you think important?  – So basically, your Final Project Power Point should be about 6 slides – its ok to have it be in the range of 5-8 slides.

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