Artifical Intelligence Essay

Marketing Intelligence is the implementation of collecting and examining instructions to declare appropriately future strategy and business determination. It plays a significant role especially in the companies that are willing to have a vigorous strategy for its future vision as well as affect the management style. Essentially, we can say that the implementation of Marketing Intelligence gets held by “Research”. Let’s take a look for the benefits of Marketing Intelligence such as what kind of role it has in the organizations:

Gives an idea of how your organization will perform due to its superiority in the sector against present competitors – As it is known, it will give a great chance for development while getting a significant detail about the competitors.

No customer, no development (needs and wants) – Getting information about customer`s needs and wants due to their given score to your products/service will give a chance for retention potential of the customer.

Segments/Innovations – pop up new opportunities in the market, increase in the range of products and segments

Advantage – letting the organization achieve a competitive advantage

Trend – sets up the organization as competence on the sector

Decision – being informed regularly about SWOT analysis of competitors

In any case of emergency, all of the benefits that are mentioned above would be the chance for any organization to increase sales and get a great competitive advantage.

It is kind of based on Competitors. Competition is the thing which encourages you to be better than others while you are making a huge effort on something. One of the significant notions in Marketing Intelligence is to have enough database for researching customers, competitors, products, services, etc. At the moment we are living in modern living standards and it gives impact such as having more sources for the research process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it probable for machines to learn from practice, improvise to new inputs and apply human-like duties.

What is Artificial Intelligence is for?

mechanize recurrent learning and revelation through information

analyzes a lot and abstruse data using networks that have many confidential parts

improvises through progressive learning algorithms to let the information do the programming. AI finds construction and persistence in data so that the algorithm gains a skill

Artificial Intelligence is the thing that helps to implement any type of mechanism with the help of some tips that are mentioned at the top. It will become a huge impact to know how to program any game online or maybe how to find the appropriate product for yourself in the online platform. Due to various reasons, the benefits of Marketing Intelligence can change. There are bad and good ways to use and implement AI.

First of all, I would like to start with the bad sides and effects of Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, it is going to make an impact in the industry. In the future, it can make a situation such as unemployment. This is the trending topic in the economic industry sector. It is going to become a global and significant problem in all over the world. With the development of AI, the reduction process of employees would change all the people’s life. According to my opinion, there must be limited use of AI. If there is not such kind of chance it will make a huge social class difference due to not enough places to work.

Artificial Intelligence is something that costs so much money for its implementation.

Robots and mechanisms are stealing all the human beings. If it is making the same expectations as it’s from a real human, there is no morality here. Is it ethical to make a mechanism that steals all the human being? This is still a question. Some experts call it not ethical.

It is time to speak about the advantages/benefits of Artificial Intelligence – AI is for to get success in any type of work which is a complicated situation for humans. It makes life easier. It has unlimited energy to implement tasks regularly. It will increase all the productivity of the assignments. AI is time-saving. It is faster than anything that we can imagine. It does not add emotional feelings and not having a moral connection with the assignments. By this way, it makes any task to be done more professional and also without mistakes.

It is easy and recognizable to see Artificial Intelligence, especially in the Medical Sector. It provides workers in the medical sectors with various mechanism which are helping to use it in the surgeries, treatment process, etc.

Retail and Industry Sector – Helps to get more product in less time. Depends on the production process, we can say that sometimes it is less effort and again more product. It gives advantage to have more product range and add new features to various products.

In the Financial sector, Artificial Intelligence makes easier to calculate and control the money circulation, credit scoring, deposits, etc.

My Comments: Artificial Intelligence is the thing that is quite easy to control and very functional. I can say that everything is possible with it. Nowadays there is some investigation for improving AI for death. In the future maybe, there are going to be possibilities to live more or forever. But it sounds a bit horrible and weird. It is going to destroy all human beings. This is going to change all our emotions and feelings. We will be able to look happy even though there is something that happened tragedy

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