Art Analysis Paper

  1. Title (Hints at Thesis:  NOT “Art Analysis Paper” or Artist Name or Simply Title of the Art)
  2. Image of the Artwork with Full Identification marked Figure 1:  Artist, Title (in italics), Date, Medium, Size (in inches or feet not cm)  and Name of Museum and Location (City and State)
  3. Introduction:  Creative Introductory paragraph on the artwork, artist and writing leads to direction of the paper. Introduction should culminate with a clear thesis that points to how the paper will logically prove this thesis through the introduction of research, quotes and elements displayed in the art. (Hint most common thesis for an Art History Paper focus on using the art to prove its style. Style should be the emphasis of the paper.  Do contact the instructor to be sure the thesis and paper is on track by send an outline or draft by Week 8 to my email:
  4. Next include a full analysis of the artwork:  3 or more paragraphs describing the artwork fully using the Formal Analysis Method* incorporating style and artistic techniques
  5. Further paragraphs should include Supporting Evidence for thesis:   Life of the Artist, Societal taste for style, patronage, cultural/religious influences**/what was going on at the time the work was made.  How is this reflected in the art and from research information? Focus on style throughout the paper
  6. Conclusion:   Briefly review information that was discussed in the paper and how it proved the thesis introduced in the first paragraph
  7. Dos:  Present Research.  Make sure there is a logical flow to the paper and each paragraph leads the reader on to the next point.     Don’ts:  Avoid first person and opinion…present evidence.  Do not number points.  Write so paper tells the story of the art!  Please take the paper to the Writing Center in LRC early in the process to get help in time.

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