Archana Sharma Application Essay P Essay

Archana Sharma

Mrs.CosgroveEnglish IV Honors

September 6, 2018

Word Count: 487Dearly Departed

The rain roared across the bar. I took a shot of tequila with regrets of what I did last night. I looked up from the disgusting brown bar table.

She walked into the bar. Her long charcoal colored hair was dripping from the pounding rain. It wrapped around her neck like the choker I bought her for Valentines. Her skin was a silk white with beautiful droplets coming off her skin.

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Archana Sharma Application Essay P Essay
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She looked directly at me and… smiled?

“Diana…” I muttered.

I looked back down at the table and stared at the empty shot glass. My love, she’s returned? I heard footsteps. They were of the same pace of my heart. I quickly looked up to see her eyes staring into mine. I looked at her face. Her eyelashes had water droplets. A single water drop fell from her eye lash, and slowly touched her cheek. It then slowly came down and made its curve around her beautiful lips.

She smiled at me and pulled out a small black object.

“Take this as a symbol of love.” She grazed the black object across my face. It was a knife, piercing the top layer of my fragile skin. I felt the warm rush of blood come out of the wound. I felt her soft, delicate finger touch my dry, cracked lips. These fingers…were never this soft…I looked at her nose. It wasn’t the small button nose I remember kissing. It was big and flared. Her eyes weren’t the baby blue I stared into before we kissed…They were a dusty grey, and filled with hatred. How could she talk to somebody like me? Then, it hit me.

This wasn’t Diana, this is the one who helped me kill my wife Diana.


It all started on a cold morning of January. Snow flooded the area with partial laughter and fun…it disgusted me. Laughter and happiness, never had those in my dread life…She was the only source of my happiness, she made me feel…emotions, ones I could not describe. Just her voice alone made me feel joyous…It made me, a depressed psychotic man feel…sane. I laid on the purple satin sheets with her next to me. She seemed happy about something that wasn’t me…rage began to fill my body. I felt my veins pop out of my pale arms. Why does everyone seem to be happy without me? It just isn’t fair. I began to hyperventilate, with caught the attention of my significant other.

“D-David?” Saying my name quickly made me stop and breathe. She was the source of my happiness, also my despair. Diana was the purest source of my happiness. Maria is just a fling.

“Yes, Maria?”

Maria smiled sweetly with a chuckle, then got up to open the window. The sun shone brightly as the joyous laughs of children engulfed the room. Sickening.  

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